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25 Great Board Games for 2 Players

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  1. Does anyone know what that background music is, it's been driving me crazy because it sounds so familiar

  2. I'm shocked that he didn't include Jaipur or Hive, and I haven't seen either in the comments section.

    Jaipur : Marketplace game where the value of goods decreases with every purchase, and you use camels as a hybrid good to optimize your purchases
    Hive : An emergent "chess-like" abstract game where you place hexagonal insects, each with their own unique movement, to surround a queen bee

  3. King and Assassins is a 2 player only game that is really fun

  4. Me after every game: "Two can play at that game."

  5. probably one of my favourite humans alive to date

  6. ProZD, you are wonderful. Keep on keepin' on my dude!

  7. Man I always thought you'd be awesome to hang out with and now I'm very sure

  8. these videos are amazing, thank you for sharing your board game-y passion

  9. Great list. Very happy to see Star Wars Rebellion. I love that game!
    Also, I recommend Parks. Can be played with up to five, but works excellently at two and had a nice calm nature theme.

  10. There are a number of great more abstract strategy-focused games out there that I love to recommend!
    Hive definitely tops the list as one of the most elegantly designed games I have ever played in general but Onitama and Cairn are fantastic games that fill the "What if Chess was actually fun and not horribly boring" niche beautifully, each with its own way of mixing up how moves change over time and paring down on both board size and piece count. Additionally, War Chest is a phenomenal strategy game that revolves around drafting and building up not a deck of cards, but a bag of poker chips! A delightful handful of quality clay poker chips that act as both the pieces on the board and the resource you spend to take actions with them, a true gem of design that I cannot recommend enough!

  11. 3.58 had me laughing at the kingdom heartsness of some of these complexity numbers

  12. Ok I'm late to the party and someone else probably recomended it but for me the king of two player game is Mr Jack, lots of bluff, strategies and it's assymetric so double the replayability !

  13. I discovered Super Fantasy Brawl a few weeks ago, and it's awesome !

  14. Coming back to this for friend's birthdays

  15. Along with ascension and the other deck building games he mentioned. Dominion is very fun with just 2

  16. My Picks:
    7 Wonders Duel & Onitama & Calico = (Excellent lightweight games to play with your significant other)
    Raiders of the North Sea & Wingspan = (Great midweight games!)
    Viticulture & A Feast for Odin = (Awesome beefy games)

  17. For 2 player only games, you should try hanamikoji and Odin’s ravens. Both those games my wife and I like to play

  18. Damn… I wish I would have found this video months ago…

  19. If you like Star Wars Rebellion and you like Lord of the Rings, play War of the Ring!

  20. Is that two copies of the PS2 Eragon game on your shelf above the black binder that's next to the white binder?

  21. More like: two player bored games… am I right?

  22. Wrath of Ashardalon is really fun self generating co-op dungeon crawl in the dnd universe. It’s really hard sometimes especially with a smaller party but you can spend a solid couple hours going “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” and running from monsters.

  23. My list of other games that I love at two players:

    7 Wonders Duel
    Walking in Burano
    Century: Spice Road
    Android: Netrunner

  24. War of the Ring is a great Lord of the Rings themed dudes on a board war game

  25. Disappointed you didn't do this in your Raspyknife persona, but great video!

  26. Okay but you can't just mutter "and also you can get expansions for arkham horror TLCG" as if you aren't required to buy $600+ worth of expansions. I picked up the game on your recommendation along with the first expansion box since I heard that the core game is a bit lacking as a standalone, but apparently I'm still short of having enough since not only does each expansion have 6 sub-expansions that you literally need for the full story, but apparently it's also highly recommended to buy 2 core sets because a single box doesn't give you enough for deckbuilding.

    That said, I played for the first time last night and it is very fun! I genuinely started to get terrified when I got to the first scenario boss and was 1 skill check away from being killed by either it or a swarm of rats (weakest enemy card). But keep in mind again that I used cards from the Dunwich Legacy expansion and its first sub-expansion that I might have lost the game without (and playing on "easy" mode no less) so it still is very pay to win.

  27. tfw someone calls Patchwork, a perfect information game with a search tree larger than chess, "very light". :/

  28. Today I learned that if I'm docking with another person…I can read their mind?

  29. Thanks for the hammer-down approach to the list. If I want a detailed explanation I'll watch a "how-to-play", for a list I just want a firehose like stream of opinions. You earned a sub.

  30. Елизавета Соловьева says:

    What, no Star Realms? 😢

  31. Whats the music he uses for these? It sounds familiar, Nintendo probs?

  32. Dawg seriously. Im so glad a 2 player game thats respectful to war. Idk if you heard of Warhammer guys. They make war seem so fun.

  33. There is a bored game about the tuaregs!?! Thats so cool

  34. Great video and great games and great voice! I won't be able to sleep, if I do not mention a couple of games, which are designed for 2 players and imo belong to the best on the planet:

    War Chest from David Thompson, who designed Undaunted

    Commands & Colors Ancients

    A hidden gem is Time Barons

    An abstract hit is Dvonn

    and the majesty: Backgammon

    …and some honorable mentions
    – Keyforge
    – Dice Throne
    – Europe Divided
    – Zertz
    – Rivals / Batman vs Joker
    – Neuroshima Hex

  35. Anyone know the song playing in the background in this??

  36. The two player variant for "Moon Rakers" Is extremely fun! would highly recommend. 🙂

  37. Gloomhaven is a great game from one to I think 4 or 5 players.

  38. Undaunted Normandy looks so fun but I know absolutely nobody who would play it with me…

  39. Legendary: game on get your game on you come on you better play your cards right!

  40. I love the effort you put into this video, thank you sir

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