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25 Best PS4 Single-player Games of All Time [2021 Final Update]

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Our final ranking of the top singleplayer games released for the PlayStation 4, ranked by #playscore.

Complete list of the best PS4 singleplayer releases
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0:00 Opening
0:30 Shadow of the Colossus
1:21 Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition
1:45 Fallout 4
2:09 Batman: Arkham Knight
2:38 Devil May Cry 5
3:01 Monster Hunter: World
3:25 Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
3:47 Dark Souls III
4:11 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
4:46 Ghost of Tsushima
5:04 Final Fantasy VII Remake
5:27 Horizon Zero Dawn
5:56 Bloodborne
6:21 Undertale
6:44 Journey
7:10 Grand Theft Auto V
7:34 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
7:58 Resident Evil 2
8:24 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
9:15 Red Dead Redemption 2
9:38 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
10:04 The Last Of Us Remastered
10:28 God of War
11:13 Persona 5 Royal

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  1. My List:
    1- The Last of Us Part II
    2- Uncharted 4
    3- Read Dead Redemption 2
    4- GTA V
    5- Ghost of Tsushima
    6- God of War
    7- Marvel's Spider Man
    8- Batman Arkham Knight
    9- Resident Evil 7
    10- Horizon Zero Dawn

  2. The IGN say that the number 1 is god of war 😡

  3. Ain’t no way persona is better than god of war wtf??

  4. Very unfortunate. Most of these games do not peak my interest at all. I loved HZD and Last of us remastered.
    Witcher 3, uncharted and God of war seem to be the closest to what I should try/my style.
    The rest of these just seem like the hype general 'you should play these ' of the gaming world. Overly hyped. I've watched gameplay of most of these and not nearly as gorgeous as HZD or The last of us.

  5. Persona 5 is no.1 are u serious!!!!!..last of us part 2 should have been there or any of those games you mentioned in the top 5

  6. Is Monster Hunter World worth playing it as single player? I always thought it was multiplayer oriented.

  7. I believe that this is the best list out there. No TLOU2 crap! finally!

  8. 9 is an understatement for Monster Hunter World

  9. Shit that list should be: 6. GOT 5.Horizon ; 4. Uncharted 4; 3. TLOU II ; 2. GOW4 ; 1.RDR2

  10. Was a decent list until I noticed you omitted Last of Us 2 and put GOW as number 2. Never even heard of the so called #1 game.

  11. It’s crazy that sekiro wasn’t on the list I mean the games as easy as nutting with a pasta claw but game of the year 2019 Great bosses atmospheric hard good combat and excellent plot but ds3 should be number 1 on this list if u have played it you’ll agree with me

  12. Diablo 3 is like Alien Covenant…
    GTA V was cool 8 years ago now its just a Cowdung.
    1st place goes to Red Dead Redemption 2 by far.

  13. Kingdom Hearts is a definite single player gem.

  14. Where is Sekiro and TheLast Of Us2 bro in the list

  15. I've played most of these besides like 4, I just don't know what to play anymore lmao

  16. Watches best single player games.
    Realising that all games are single player because I have no friends.

  17. TLOU2 and Tomb Raider trilogy deserve a place in the top 25 ps4 games.

  18. Am i the only one who loved fallout 4 sooo much? It was huge. I need another game like it. I What do you guys recommend?

  19. Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan John-117 says:

    Nier, Sakura Wars, Detroit Become Human, Ys VIII and IX, Trails of Cold Steel, and Valkyrie Chronicles could have a spot on this list.

  20. Where's Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order? May not be one of the best, but top 25 for sure, especially with a few questionable picks.

  21. Last of us 2😂 i know the story is bad but u gotta admit its been a hell of a game

  22. This is a very boring video. You should talk more about the games.

  23. Absolute shittiest game on the list is the one they put at #1.

  24. Loved this but for real minecraft should be in here somewhere

  25. How can you not even mention The Last Of Us Part 2? Come on.. it makes no sense.

  26. I like how the description game for this video is Shadow Of The Colossus, I have not a single problem with that… BUT WHY SHADOW OF THE FREAKING COLOSSUS!!!

  27. This list is a mess. Last of Us over Uncharted 4? Resident Evil 2 over GTA5? Persona at the top? Spider-Man, and Detroit Become Human missing altogether, but including Shadow of The Colossus (great game, but certainly no where near a top 25 PS4 game)? Nah. To each their own, but this is way off. Presentation was solid though.

  28. That's a horrible #1. Ghosts of Tsushima should have been higher. Journey and Undertale shouldn't be in the list. Assassins Creed Valhalla should have been on there too.

  29. Νεο Top list
    1 Sekiro
    2 Dark Souls 3
    3 God of war
    4 The Withcer 3
    5 Last Of Us
    6 Odyssey
    7 Bloodborne
    8 Shadow of war
    9 Last Guardian
    10 Unchatted 4

  30. Arkham Knight is 21???? Needs to be way fucking higher imo

  31. super lame list, but earned redemption by having P5R in a well deserved spot

  32. What A Load Of …. Thank God We’re All Different & Like Different Games! 😂. I Wouldn’t Waste My Precious Time On Most Of That Garbage!

  33. After playing it I still dont get why people like journey

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