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20 Best Single Player Games For Android & iPhone

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Looking for something fun and fulfilling to play on your phone? These iOS and Android games, online and offline, should keep you busy for awhile.
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20 GrimValor
PRICE: $6.99

19 Pascal’s Wager
PRICE: $6.99

18 Stardew Valley
PRICE: $7.99

17 Dead Effect 2


15 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
PRICE: $2.99

14 Animus – Stand Alone
PRICE: $3.99

13 Wolf Among Us

12 The School White Day
PRICE: $6.99

11 Max Payne
PRICE: $2.99

10 Implosion: Never Lose Hope
iOS Android
PRICE: $9.99

9 Monument Valley
PRICE: $3.99

8 The Talos Principle
PRICE: $4.99

7 Bully
PRICE: $6.99

6 The ROOM 3
PRICE: $3.99

5 GTA: Trilogy
PRICE: $11.99

4 Exiled Kingdom RPG

3 XCOM: Enemy Within
PRICE: $4.99


1 Star Wars: KOTOR
PRICE: $9.99




  1. Can't get into gta. I've tried, i just can't

  2. If anyone's watching this now, like myself, Pascal's Wager is on Android now as well

  3. You're the only one who made a list of GOOD mobile Games yet. Please an updated Version. Professor Layton would Worth a mention

  4. Pay attention that these games are mostly paid games .

    Never trust a free mobile game , never .

  5. I don't get how someone can complain about the prices for a full game better than back in my day when you wanted a mobile game you would have to spend $40 on each 3DS game or $20 for the PSP

  6. I must say, XCOM2 collection is better than XCOM Enemy Within! I love turn based games 😀

  7. Legends are watching for download these for free 😄😄

  8. Will you redo this video? I feel like a lot of mobile games have out, especially with Apple Arcade.

  9. Solid list of games, but… There's more great games than this. You should make part 2

  10. Got an iPad mini 6 gonna be playing more games now so this was a great video on the games to try out first! Thanks a bunch

  11. not a bad video but IMO yer clips are way too short and too many flashes, it was hurting my eyes trying to watch this.

  12. Want to see the God of War games on mobile. Smartphones are powerful enough now.

  13. I need games so i can play skyrim when im in a vavation.

  14. Hi, I just played "Rev Up: Car Racing Game" in Android. It's UI is familir nd the race track are different.

  15. Finally someone who knows what good games are instead of everyone else that likes 2D scrollers and games that look like they should be played on Atari.

  16. It’s pretty tough to find good reviews of paid games for iOS.. I hope you do more please. There are things I didn’t even know existed specially since I live in Japan the shop almost doesn’t show them unless I know the names. Thanks because I’m often looking for things to play in english

  17. Hey gameranx I have a game for you guys to try out on mobile that's like Dark Souls it's called The Way of Retribution: Awakening. And you should try it out and it is free

  18. that guy who says controversial things • says:

    Here some mobile games that is fun (for me at least)
    1.dan the man
    2. Modern combat 4
    3. Alto's adventure
    4. Nameless cat
    5. 7 years from now
    6. Robbery bob
    7. Robbery bob 2
    8. Swordigo
    9. Stick man project
    10. Beach buggy racing 1
    11. Armored squad
    12. Lonewolf
    13.Lucid dream 2
    14. Lucid dream 3
    15. The walking zombie 2
    16. Adventure : reborn
    17. Sky : children of the light

  19. Wow this is the first video on YouTube that has no spam comments.

  20. Also why did YouTube sent me here when I asked about free games?…

  21. 19 looks hell of a lot more like dark souls actually almost exactly like dark souls.

  22. I think The title should be top 20 best single Player paid games for Android

  23. I would also recommend Dead Cells if you haven’t already heard of it

  24. I must be getting old or tired of video games because I can't seem to find one I can stick with for more than a week. There are 3 on this list of 20 that I'm going to give a try.

  25. Thanks for the recommendations. I've always wanted to play Chrono Trigger. Gonna download it today.

  26. i would absolutely LOVE to see an updated version of this video made for 2022 cuz a lot has happened in the past 2 years, on mobile devices

  27. I bought grim valor 2 years ago and forgot I did 💀

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