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2 player games – yoshi’s cardboard adventure

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Yoshi’s done his time in the slammer for tax fraud and returns in a paper craft diorama made by children. I like the game’s cute aesthetic, and surprise filled journey. The multiplayer gets a little frustrating at times because my boyfriend and I kept jumping into each other, throwing eggs at each other and eating each other. Another day in the life.

“Uumm… its a competent Yoshi game, but Wooly World was better.” – sunnygaming’s bf

The ridiculous Yoshi dance in the end was created by:
DiMMStudios –

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  1. Pizza Wednesdays:0 I LOVE THE AESTHETICS OF THIS GAME, AND THE MUSIC SOUNDS SUPER CUTE, even if I've heard it's repetitive. And while I don't own a nintendo switch, I can still feel joy from thinking of tiny Yoshis skittering around sequins and glue ¦}

  2. I love this video! I Definitely can see and appreciate the work put in! I can see for sure you took time out to actually put creativity into it and the content is absolutely fun to look at! Keep it up for sure!!!

    I’ll definitely be subscribing, as I can see your channel getting bigger for sure. I’d appreciate it if you can take a look at my channel as well 😊

  3. that poochy gang was fire if only there was a full version :-:

  4. Sunny : awee enemies r so cutte i no kill
    Sunny's Brother (idk) : welp, another a day at the egg factory.

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