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2-Player Games & Unboxing My Digital Piano • Day In The Life Vlog

Brogan Tate
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Hey! Welcome back! Thanks for bearing with me whilst I took a short break. Going to be uploading as and when I can, hope you enjoy this one! We play our 2-Player Games, unbox my digital piano, and make homemade pizza. Enjoy, B x

ps. I’ve just hit 75K subscribers today, a huge milestone! Thank you beyond words. It means a lot xx

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  1. Oh how wonderful! Congratulations on the piano! Indeed, take your time – making music is such a full experience and I'm so glad you have access to do it again. And it's lovely to see you. Hugs, dear!

  2. You guys look like you have SO much fun together, i love it! Makes me want to play games 😀

  3. So happy your back! Great vlog as always! xx

  4. Hi I just been catching up on your older vlogs. You have had such different life changes. But one common theme you always smile well done to you and all you have achieved. Keep well and safe xxxx

  5. Good for you girl enjoy your piano time glad you're feeling better 😄💖

  6. so happy to watch this! We love that you have so many games, it puts our games draw to shame!

  7. So happy there's a new video!! Love thr piano, I hope you'll share your progress with us, lovr piano music, so soothing!!!

  8. I ❤️Glossier too! I can thoroughly recommend the Lidstar eyeshadows xx

  9. Loved the games! So fun! Those pizzas looked yummy too, we made our own pizza too but using pitta breads as the base, so yummy!
    Also glad to see you have got your sparkle back ✨💕

  10. Yasss you're back!! .. I've had to rewatch old vlogs to get my fix!! Glad you're feeling better! And congrats on 75k!!!

  11. That lipstick really suits you!! 🥰❤️

  12. Brogan, where is your the pillow on your sofa from? the one with all the world landmarks. It's so cute and a traveler's must!

  13. Missed you soo much, so happy to have ma fave back! I hope you feel better! <3

  14. What a great use of a wine bottle as a rolling pin!!!

  15. Hi Brogan , stop putting yourself down . You was not rubbish. I loved the little turn you played on your piano . I wish I could play the piano and read music , I can’t even do that lol . Your brows and lashes looked nice when you finished them. You two love playing games together don’t you .Then it is a bit boring when you don’t win at a game isn’t it ? You two make such a idea couple together and always have fun . The house tour was lovely. Such a lived in house. I love a walk . It is really nice and peaceful ( especially atm ) it really refreshes you and clears you had and make you feel aaarrrr relaxed.enjoy the rest of your week Lovelies ❤️🥰x Keep Safe and keep up with the great Vlogging.

  16. So glad to see that you're back. I've been watching all your old travel vlogs whilst I've been home. I think it's wonderful how brave you were to travel alone all the way to America. I've been showing your med sailor trips and trek America trips to my 21 year old to inspire him and show him all the possibilities. ❤

  17. So lovely to see you happy and looking Positive Brogan……. vlog was brilliant!!!! loved the Games you played some great ones may give some of them a go. Love you Guys keep safe and well xxx😘😘😘

  18. Great to see you back on the vlogs and hope you're doing well 😊 Also, congratulations on hitting 75k subscribers 😁👍 Happy Days! X

  19. Hi Brogan glad your feeling better.. in relation to the lime cordial where I work we actually don’t use proper cordials.. we just use the cheap stuff sometimes 😂❤️ x

  20. Long overdue a break 🙂 💕 health comes first no matter what! 🌈🙏
    I watched both Princess Diaries at the weekend 🤣🤣 i didnt notice before all the easter eggs from the first one in the 2nd one 🤣🙈
    Also watched High School Musical .. no guilt here 🤣🤣💕
    So after buying my wedding album from popsa the other week .. I bought the bath mat tonight 😊 oops 🤷‍♀️😂 after buying the disney jumper from Next in January for my disney trip (which half happened 😒) stop buying nice things please 😂😂 just means you have good taste 👌 thank you for your videos and for being you 🙂 xx

  21. Lovely too see you back 🥰🥰🥰

  22. A wine bottle as a rolling pin!! I nearly spat my tea out laughing – love it!!! Really enjoying watching the games tonight – great fun!!xx

  23. Haha greetings from Finland!🇫🇮 So happy your back🥰

  24. So great to have you back and feeling better ❤️

  25. Brogan, strange question i know but, what knives do you use in your kitchen? I'm looking for a really good set of knives and Benji made that pizza making look very easy with the ones you have!! 🙈 thanks xx

  26. So glad you’re feeling more like you again, I can’t imagine how hard it must be at times to share so much of yourself with us. Love your videos & congrats on 75k! xxxx

  27. Hi Brogan and Benji everyone needs a break now and again. Just been looking over your holidays vlogs again, aww fun times. x

  28. So glad you’re back🙌🏼🥰 just wondering if you’re following slimming world/weight watchers or is the pizza recipe just a healthier alternative that you prefer?xx

  29. So glad you feel better, we all need a mental break sometimes! Stay strong. Sending all my love XX.

  30. Times are difficult but it will pass xx

  31. Awww 🥰 loved this video Brogan! I have such a good time watching you guys compete during games 😂😂 My husband, daughter and I love having games day. She absolutely loves Harry Potter so I want to grab that game you guys were playing!

  32. Great video! I will definitely be buying most if not all of those games 🙂

  33. Congratulations on 75k. Amazing!!! Good to see you back. You look fabulous 😘

  34. I really missed ur videos so glad ur back 😘😘😘😘

  35. I start back at work tomorrow and I’m sooooo anxious! Watching this video before I try and go to sleep and it was nice to watch some normality and niceness so thank you Brogan 💓

  36. So glad you are feeling positive and well rested Brogan. Take care

  37. Thanks for the recommendation for flowkey. I’ve been needing an app to get me back into playing piano. I think this might be it! Good to see you back and that you’re feeling more yourself 😊

  38. Love the video! Really liking the day in the life style. Glad you’re doing better this week. Your videos make this situation a happier time so thank you for that 💕

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