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2-Player Games & Unboxing My Digital Piano • Day In The Life Vlog

Brogan Tate
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Hey! Welcome back! Thanks for bearing with me whilst I took a short break. Going to be uploading as and when I can, hope you enjoy this one! We play our 2-Player Games, unbox my digital piano, and make homemade pizza. Enjoy, B x

ps. I’ve just hit 75K subscribers today, a huge milestone! Thank you beyond words. It means a lot xx

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  1. Gday from Australia brogan! Just wanted to say love your vlogs watching for ages but just had to comment on your piano cause I did the same thing played for years growing up gave up in high school thought I would remember and have spent some time in iso having to reteach myself.
    But love your vlogs u and benji are a cute couple and remind me so much of me and my partner 🙂 take care

  2. You have gorgeous lashes and brows too!! 😍

  3. Great vlog as always! I never thought of using a wine bottle as a rolling pin – genius! Love your piano too, I had two Yamaha keyboards when I was younger – the latest was the DGX300. I’d absolutely love to take it up again, maybe one day xxx

  4. So I just subbed, and you disappear…what's that about? HEHE just kidding! Please take all the time you need! You are such a delight. Not to mention you two make the cutest couple. Got such a hoot watching you and Ben get into those games! That first one kinda reminds me of an air hockey game..I know I'd love that. I also look forward to whenever you do a puzzle again 🙂 Cool piano! There was a time I considered "tickling the ivories" 🙂 Oh may I say you have such pretty eyes. Well this was sweet. I hope you all stay safe <3

  5. Hahahaha the wine bottle, I mean I once used a turkey baster as a rolling pin so I feeel you!

  6. It makes me happy when I see that you’ve uploaded a vlog 🥰 xx

  7. LOVE seeing both of you again!!! 😍😍😍 I've missed you but I completely get why you've been cutting back on vlogs. Many of the days do kind of blur together these days. 😊 Wow! The piano is lovely!!! 🎹 And those dresses are both so cute!!! 👗Watching you play the games was fun!!! I LOVE pizza, so I'll have to try that crust recipe! 🍕 Yum! Have a lovely week! Love and health to both of you!!! 💜💜💜

  8. Congratulations on reaching 75k subscribers that is amazing & very well deserved. You make amazing content & you just seem like such a wonderful person. I love your digital piano what a wonderful gift that Benji & his family gave to you for your birthday. I love your navy jumpsuit which I actually brought myself & have been wearing it. You are right though it’s so comfy. I love your new dresses they are so nice. You have so many games. I love playing games. I love watching you & Benji play games it’s so funny. The Harry Potter games sounds really interesting & I love the films too. I love your new bag. It’s such a good idea to make homemade pizzas especially during time in lockdown. I can’t wait to see your next day in the life vlog. 😀

  9. The pizza looked amazing!! I will deffo have to try this ! xx

  10. Congrats on 75k brogan. Well deserved love your vlogs

  11. A massive congratulations on the 75k milestone, very much deserved. Loved watching your day in the life and seeing the 2 player games, I’ve got some but need to get some more x

  12. Awesome, we were looking for some two player game ideas. This was a fun video, guys. Peace.

  13. So happy you’re back! Great classic BT video ❤️ x

  14. I’ve missed your vlogs!! Glad you’re back at it and happier!!

  15. Nice to see a new video – hope you're both doing well <3

  16. Yay, love watching this. You guys are great xx

  17. Yay, I am loving your little vlogs 🙂 Watching you and Benji play games is always so much fun, lol :p I wish my husband would like to play more games, he really doesn't like it 🙁 partypooper! :p
    OMG those pizza's looked SO GOOD!!!!! Just flour and yoghurt? wow, I really wanna try that!
    Hope you are enjoying your piano finally 🙂 I would love to see/hear you play a bit more in a future vlog, whenever you feel up to it of course.
    Hope you are both ok xx

  18. So lovely to have you back! Really enjoyed watching the games x

  19. Yay she’s back !! This was an amazing vlog as always. I was smiling the whole way through especially when you guys played games I was laughing because I’m so competitive too 🤦🏻‍♀️ love your videos I always press the like button before I watch ☺️ and that pizza looks so yummy ! Thanks for sharing your vlogs with us ❤️ I’m sure the next one will be amazing too, your fans will be here however long you need, take care of yourself xx

  20. Thanks, loving seeing your 2 player games, nothing better than spending time playing games. Thanks

  21. Hope you're keeping well Brogan – take all the time you need, we're here to support you when you are okay to upload content. Sending Love <3

  22. I'm glad you're in a more positive headspace! love the new dresses on you, they're so cute! Banana and chocolate spread on toast is my guilty pleasure breakfast aha! <3

  23. Yayyy so glad you’re back!! And I’m so happy you had a break for you❤️ will support you forever, you beautiful human beings ❤️xxx

  24. Also! Congrats on 75K!!!! You deserve everything xxx

  25. This really made me want a piano or keyboard 😍🎹

  26. I watched season 1 of Selling Sunsets on your recommendation and absolutely loved it. Buzzing to hear season 2 is on the way 🥳

  27. How did I not know that you are based in Bournemouth???? We’re local!

  28. Glad you shared the pizza dough recipe; going to have to try it. I need to get some of the games you shared. Take care.

  29. Do you think you'll consider getting piano lessons again? It's something I've been considering for a while now but not sure how it would fit in with my life commitments/whether its worth it. Obviously we can't have any right now but really interested to see your journey getting back into playing 🙂 xx

  30. I used to watch your videos all the time in 2015 and I spent an hour finding your channel again today after I remembered that you made a vlog about your lush experience

  31. you should really get a garlic crusher for Benji , since joining gusto it's the best thing ever and saves loads of time . Think i'm going to make pizza this weekend after seeing this …. yum x

  32. Oh wow this didn’t come up in my notifications 😢

  33. Benji using a wine bottle as a rolling pin is genius! Glad you're feeling more yourself and congrats on 75k!

  34. Congrats on reaching 75K.! You deserve it! 😁 and I love your videos, amazing person xx

  35. Hey sweets, lovely to see a vlog 🤗 Benefit They’re Real is my all time fave mascara too – after removing my individual lashes I’m trying to grow mine back and this is the only mascara that gives them life ☺️ Love the dresses you were sent especially the summery one. Great to see you and Benj playing some games – such a lovely idea and like you both said some time to chill and chat and have fun. I try and do my gratitude list everyday before I go to bed I defo need to work on my positive attitude and where I focus my energy. Love the idea of looking at your achievements at the end of the week. I hope you’ve had a great week and wishing you a fab long weekend. 🥰 xxx

  36. If you have Netflix you’ll be able to watch Dynasty season 3 on Saturday 23rd May

  37. Dino dump is definitely a famous card game with a swear word in the title! lol
    Massive congrats on 75k! Epic news xx

  38. I love your vlogs, it's my favourite thing to watch on my lunch breaks at work. You've given me a lot of ideas for new games to try 🙂 Love the positivity and congratulations on 75k, you deserve it!

  39. I don’t love mushroom but I would so eat that pizza yum!

  40. Just made the pizza, omg! Game changer, loved it thank you xx

  41. Just watched this vlog, playing catch up! You two playing those games cracked me up, 😂looked like you had a great time. Stay positive, glad to see you back. Take care 🥰

  42. “When I say no, I mean…no” 😂

  43. Love that Benji used the wine bottle as a roller 😂

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