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2 Player Games || Mancala || Who will win? #gameplay #shorts #subscribe

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The game I am playing in this video is called Mancala. It’s a new game in updated version which has been added to the collection. In this game, As Always, you can win if you have more points than the other player/party. If you want to earn points then you have to gain balls on your color rectangular plate. For each ball you have you will gain one point. You have to tap on the ball of your colored circular plate to send the ball to the other plate of your color. You have to do that until it gets inside of your collection plate.

《But be careful, if you have more balls than necessary then your balls may go to the plate of other player》

App Size –》Around 100+ MB

Game Rating(Personal) –》 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Game Review –》This game can be said to be One of the Best Games for those who want to play offline but enjoy multiplayer.

Download Here :-

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