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2-Player Games – BoardGameGeek Top 10 w/ The Brothers Murph

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Check out the latest Top 10 series with the Brothers Murph. This episode’s topic, Top 10 2-Player Games.

0:00 Intro

1:22 #10 – Duelosaur Island – Ian Moss – Pandasaurus Games

2:29 #9 – Patchwork – Uwe Rosenberg – Lookout Games

3:44 #8 – Codenames Duet – Vlaada Chvátil & Scot Eaton – Czech Games Edition

4:55 #7 – Targi – Andreas Steiger – KOSMOS

6:31 #6 – Claim – Scott Almes – White Goblin Games

8:11 #5 – War of the Ring – Roberto Di Meglio, Marco Maggi & Francesco Nepitello – Ares Games

9:28 #4 – Fields of Arle – Uwe Rosenberg – Feuerland Spiele

10:46 #3 – 7 Wonders Duel – Miguel Coimbra – Repos Production

12:15 #2 – Pagoda – Arve D. Fühler – Pegasus Spiele

13:40 #1 – Baseball Highlights 2045 – Mike Fitzgerald – Eagle-Gryphon Games

15:45 Wrap-up


  1. Am I crazy or does it sound like someone walking through leaves in the woods in the background of this entire video?

  2. 7 wonders duel is such a great game…my wife (not a big gamer) and I play it all the time. Jaipur is another great fun one, small, fits on a table at a restaurant or a brewery. Undaunted: Normandy…great WW2 deck builder is a great game…but can't get the wife to play it 🙂

  3. I'm surprised "Star Wars: Rebellion" was not on the list.

  4. I haven't played a ton of these yet. I look forward to trying them out! 😍

  5. I personally love Steam Donkey. Some great options on your list too.

  6. So many great 2 player only games. Some that weren't mentioned Rivals for Catan, Watregate, Kahuna, Klask, Raptor, Mr. Jack, and Onitama.

  7. Love it and we love you guys! Keep doing your thing! 🙂

  8. Baseball HIghlights!! Sooooo good. And the rest of the games on the list are good too. Gotta seek out Claim!

  9. You seemed to have missed Star Wars: Rebellion and Watergate. 🙂

  10. You've mentioned Claim many times. Have you seen that there is a new 2p trick taking game by same publisher and designer called Blast? Seems to include some area majority like Hanamikoji.

  11. Here's my list fellas.
    10. Akrotiri
    09. 1960: The Making of the President.
    08. Paris City of Lights
    07. Agricola All Creatures Big and Small
    06. Baseball Highlights 2045
    05. Arkham Horror The Card Game
    04. The Fox And The Forest
    03. Marvel Dicemasters
    02. Targi
    01. 7 Wonders Duel

  12. Fugitive and Fox and the Forest Duet are pretty great at two.
    I also just discovered "[SCRAP] Escape from The Two Base Stations" which is a clever, two-player Escape Room where you're supposed to be separated and only communicate via video call, turning off camera, mic, and keyboard input at different points to solve your individual packets together.

  13. Kero is in my top game.
    (Paris, Dominion, Hyves)

  14. Can you in the future lower the background music a smidge, it was nice music but a bit distracting. Also it's annoying to hear two different sound tracks when the numbers between the games show up.

  15. To name some that weren't on your list:

    Air, Land & Sea
    Lost Cities
    Circle the Wagons
    Tides of Time/Madness
    Fox in the Forest
    Star Realms
    Dice Throne

  16. Hmmm you said baseball is the greatest sport… Isn't that the one that is dealing with cheating again?

    Great list!

  17. Naga Raja, Santorini, Rebellion, Hanamikoji

  18. Great list. I'd add Watergate. Love the multi-purpose cards and the incredible tug of war tension.

  19. Baseball Highlights sounds cool and all, but no peat bogs.

  20. Thanks for the fun video. Jaipur was my first discovery of a modern two player game too! And, it definitely deserves a honorable mention. currently my favorite two player games are Hanamikoji (I have the Jixia version), Santorini, Air Land and Sea, and Fox in the Forest. I also love Claim and 7 Wonders Duel from your list. Targi is one I've been wanting to try, but just haven't yet.😁

  21. Great list! I'd suggest giving Botanik a try. It's published by Space Cowboys (Jaipur) and it's a quick, tight, competitive 2 player game that's not getting the love it deserves.

  22. My favorite 2-player only games:
    1- 7 wonders duel (classic!)
    2- Mandala (very clever game)
    3- Imhotep the Duel (point salad fun)
    4- Nagaraja (racing adventure)
    5- Targi (thinky and interactive)
    6- Spirits of the Wild (smooooth)
    7- Claim (so much game in small box)
    8- Agricola all creatures big and small (tiny Agricola!)
    9- Circle the Wagons (underrated must have pocket game, tension packed)

  23. Arve D. Fühler not only designed Pagoda but also TA-KE, another great 2-player game (it's a bit of a brainburner) that I love very much and that nobody seems to know.

  24. Can I make a suggestion? I love boardgames and I want to pass that passion to my kids, the sooner, the better.
    What about a TOP 10 board games for kids? I don't know, between 6-10 years old? 9-12? Your list, you choose!!
    Thanks for all your recommendations

  25. Thanks brothers Murph for showing the games. Nice video

  26. Pagoda is the most boring two player game we ever played. Didn't feel like a game at all to us, just two players building towers of different colors.

  27. On a purely philosophical note, one thing I find a bit funny or strange about our "collective conciousness" is that when people in general talk about and recommend 2p Only games, it's often like genre and every other aspect becomes irrelevant. 2p Only games still have genres and mechanics that might or might not suit your tastes, but that tends to get lost for some super weird reason (again, not talking about this video).

    Or games that have different maps for different player counts. It is for example possible to dislike Concordia at 2 player regardless of which map you're using 🙂 (I like it, btw). "Made for 2p" is not a foolproof way to achieve greatness, is what I'm trying to say.

    Don't mean to come off as a Debbie Downer, I just like to put on philosopher mode and reflect on these things 🙂

  28. A shame I didn't see Unmatched or especially Santorini, but BH2045 is one of the greatest games ever

  29. Seven wonders duel is my favourite board game . Other 2players board games that i like a lot are Zeus and Hera ,Mr jack, Santorini and Raptor

  30. One of my favourites is Hanamikoji. It's such an elegant, simple design and it just works.

  31. Mandala is, hands down, the best two player game in my collection. Hive also a real gem, too

  32. Some other solid 2p games

    Hands in the Sea
    Memoir 44
    Heroes of Blackreach
    Hammer of the Scots

  33. Great list. So nice to see a 2-player games list that is just 2-player. I watch so many of these and games like CARCASSONNE or KINGDOMINO are mentioned as games that 'play good at two'.

    My 10 would be (so hard to narrow down from the amount we have and play):


  34. My wife and I don't play many exclusively 2 player games even though we do play head to head (and cooperatively at 2 players) a lot in games. 7 Wonders Duel is definitely one of the best out there, Codenames Duet is great too. We have also played Kero, but it hasn't made it to the table much yet… not sure my wife appreciates it too much, but I have enjoyed it. I may have to give some of these a try at some point.

  35. Would love to see a Top 10 list of games that use the “Tech Trees/Tech Tracks” mechanic

  36. Raptor is so crazy underated. I barely ever see it mentioned in these lists and I genuinely think it's up with there with the best.

  37. I really enjoy Schotten Totten, Lawyer Up, 1987 Channel Tunnel, Greedy Kingdoms, Fox in the Forrest, Long Live the Queen, Hanamikoji and Blitzkrieg!: World War Two in 20 Minutes.

  38. Schotten totten, Claim, Kahuna and ofc 7 Wonders Duel!

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