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2 3 4 player mini games in Unity | Unity 2D mini games tutorial

Unity Game Development & Tutorial Code
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This is our fun collection of 1 2 3 4 player mini games made in Unity 2D. I’ll put Unity tutorial of these mini games in my channel soon.
For now, you can install it on Google play and enjoy playing with your friends on one android device. Have fun challenges with this offline multiplayer games collection. Calling all adventurers! Embark on a journey through the mystical world of golden axe game online. Play today!Features of our 2 player games collection :

🔥 Many offline multiplayer games all in one app.
🔥 New and classic 1 2 3 4 player games. (You can also play with bots)
🔥 play with your friends. Choose a single game or run a tournament.
🔥 Collect free coins and use them to buy new characters, tanks, or cars.
🔥 New fun two player games are coming!

Choose between these 2 player games. You also can choose some of these multiplayer games and run a tournament with your friends or bots :

Knife Master :
Adjust the direction of your knife and cut more fruits.

Snowball :
A new 2 3 4 player game! Snowballs are coming. Avoid them and survive!

Flag Tank :
Destroy other tanks and go bring you flag home to win!

Push Battle :
Push other players out of the area. There is no space in this area for 2 players or more!

Gun Fight :
Duel with other players!

Bug Hunt :
Feed your frog! let him eat more flies!

snake :
The classic snake game for 2 3 4 player on one device!

Spinner :
Spin faster than other players!

And there is many more offline 2 3 4 player games in this collection.

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