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18 AMAZING Nintendo Switch secrets! 🔥😱🤯

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These are 18 incredible Nintendo Switch secrets!


  1. 😱😰F for Mr iwata without him nintendo wouldn't be a thing, rest in peace. The legend of video games will be in our hearts at all times.

  2. F thanks thank s for making this system better

  3. The first one isn't even a easter egg or a secret it's just how the console functions.

  4. Nah I have dark mode on all time saves eyes

  5. When you said, "but what we're sure you didn't know, is that the Nintendo Switch joy-cons have a camera inside of it", I didn't think it was for selfies, i thought it would see what I would be doing 24/7. Creepy.

  6. My switch STARTED on dark mode. So, how was I supposed to switch to dark mode when it already was on dark mode?

  7. Everyone is saying "F to" such and such. but, why? Why say F?

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