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15 Best Couch Co-op Games To Play With Boyfriend OR Girlfriend

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Co-op will always have a unique place in gaming. Who says you can’t do gaming with your better half and there aren’t good games to play? Today, we tell you 15 co-op games that you can play with your boyfriend or girlfriend and have a blast.

The list contains both old and new games so we are sure that you will find something useful in there.

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  1. Damn these games look cool, now just need a gf 🤔🤔

  2. yap playing RE5 with my girlfriend would work…….in another universe!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not even a single Lego franchise game 😶😶😶

  4. i really aprecciate that you said when a game could be harder for newcomers.

  5. nobody is gonna mention the crappy grammar in the thumbnail? "15 couch co-op games with to play BF/GF"

  6. I'm surprised Cuphead isn't included in the list.

  7. I used to play resident evil 6 with her… used to

  8. Why am I watching this if I don't even have a girlfriend…

  9. You selected the games that you find in every site on this subject. Nothing new.

  10. I'm shocked the Lego games aren't on this list. This games taught my wife how to jump and aim, which are surprisingly important.

  11. I'd suggest "How to survive" on Ps3, a survival horror action adventure TPS, that even has a sequel. The first is the only one I've played, with much satisfaction. There is a two players splitscreen co-op mode that is actually quite fun, and I suspect that's how the game was intended to be played. The game gets harder and harder with time so be prepared for hours of shooting, exploring, resources gathering and crafting, customizing weapons… It's a hidden gem with pleasant graphics, that actually plays much like Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (or Temple of Osiris…).

  12. Divinity 1 and 2, magicka, helldivers, salt and sanqtuary, dont starve together, resident evil 5. Right now we played Outward, survival rpg. This game is best for fun coop.

  13. Cant forget Fuzion Frenzy or Pool in GTA San Andreas! That coop running around blasting shit was the dopest shit ever… GTA always lacked that since then… smh

  14. The only game missing from this list is Scott Pilgrim VS The World…

  15. I probably gonna addicted to those game and got dumped by my girlfriend.

  16. He said “I’m wesmaahdjebdlik” from segmentnext” what the fuck is this guys name ? Lmao 😂 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. i have boyfriend, girlfriend and wife. i need four person coop games!

  18. Survive 2 is is really good co-op couch

  19. A way out is not couch co op its online only

  20. You missed the HELLDIVERS game… It's a must play and have 4 players on the same screen !! Awesome way to spend the day whit all the family and or friends

  21. The real issue these days is couples don’t view each other as friends, therefore they prefer the company of their pals which in turn causes them to drift apart. My wife and I are very competitive, co-op or head to head. We even have a “hand shake” and btw “just dance is an awesome bonding game too”

  22. Here is a better list suited for 4 player couch coop(thank me later)

    -Broforce(Shoot and blow up everything)

    -Diner bros(similar to overcooked but you have to manage a restaurant with customers together)

    -Kopanito(Choose a country and play football tournaments with 4 players)

    -Monaco(really good game but has a bad tutorial, try to sneak and break into buildings, all 4 players have their own role!)

    -Moving out(fun to play for half an hour on a couch game night, you have to move furniture from houses into trucks)

    -Overcooked(not overcooked 2 because the difficulty is boring in the second version)

    -Party hard(with 4 players try to murder the entire party and avoid to get caught!)

    -Super blood hockey(play ice hockey with 4 players)

    -Unrailed(really smart game that needs cooperation between all player to succeed, build train tracks to get your train from A to B without crashing)

    -No time to relax(really good to even play with couples, so maybe 8 people, it feels more like a digital board game where you have to outplay all the others and live the most succesful life as a character)

  23. I dont have a girlfriend im just here to find Co-op games 🙂

  24. Ye diablo3 is very fun. But the thing is both players need a psn plus account to play LAN. …

  25. Streets of Rage 4 or any of the SOR games, are the ultimate bonding experience.

  26. No Little Big Planet on this list? 🤯

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  28. More like "you'd be surprised how many games exist that DON'T have Couch Co-Op".

  29. Very good video.i played some of these games solo.towerfall ascension and move or die are 2 other amazing games

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