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15 BEST Co-op Xbox Games On Xbox Game Pass

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Gaming brings people together in the best of ways, so combining Xbox Game Pass with that sentiment makes complete sense.

In this video, we run through 15 of our favourite Xbox games that you can play with a friend, whether that’s online with Xbox Live Gold or with a buddy on the couch.

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  1. Putting A Way Out on this list makes me question how good the rest of these are because that game is just not good.

  2. what about kids co-op? i have twin boys with series s

  3. Yall need to use new footage from deeprock it looks so much different now

  4. I'm sorry, but the issues Outriders are seeing, makes it so it doesn't belong in this list at all.

  5. Just bought Pulse Red gamepad I was looking for coop games yesterday. Magic!

  6. Please make video on best local co op games on xbox series x

  7. I enjoyed playing Wolfenstein Young Blood – CO-OP

  8. Some good games on the list. Only game i won't be playing is gta I deleted that after the patch that fixed the nat test

  9. The worst thing about co-op games is that when you don't have a friend to play with.

  10. Old a$$ games we been playing the same games for the past 5 years nothing new.

  11. Overcooked/Overcooked 2 got my partner back into gaming after 20 years. We now play Rocket League, Bomberman, Trials, Dirt 5 – all split screen.

  12. Other then no way out!! Gears of wars series will be the best co op game you ever play with friends, why it's not on the list is strange.

  13. Thank you for alltime update to coop games for us!:)

  14. I wish i could play gears 5 coop but we geting kicked out everty time 🤮😔

  15. Would anyone welcome a split-screen ability in Sea of Thieves? More games should be local co-op, or XBox Game Pass should have better family plans/costs.

  16. Got the perfect set up, xbox series x + 4k 60 + xbox game pass + wireless headset + gamer chair + plug and play kit = Awesome!

  17. Still have to give halo5 the top spot for me personally .. made all my Xbox friendships through the clan life ..

  18. Deep rock is boring af tbh and outriders??? At 60fps??? LMAOOO in what world??

  19. Out riders run at 4k 60 on the series s?😳😳😳😳. Someone answer this please

  20. console payday 2 sucks they haven't updated the game in over 3 years but pc still gets updates

  21. Outriders…By the time all the bugs are fixed i doubt there will be 2 other people to play with.

  22. The girl who is commenting is overdoing the R that every time she tries to say series it sounds like CDS.
    Please stop it it’s annoyingly annoying

  23. All i want is a good game to play with the boys

  24. Gta and read dead arent coop there just multiplayer

  25. Is there any couch co op game available on game pass?

  26. GTA online – 0:08
    Red dead online – 0:34
    Payday 2 – 0:56
    Sea of Thieves – 1:25
    A way out – 2:02
    Outriders – 2:42
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection – 3:26
    Destiny 2 – 4:06
    Deep Rock Galacti – 4:43
    Monster Hunter: World – 5:21
    The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan – 5:51
    Zombie Army 4: Dead War – 6:34
    Minecraft – 7:11
    Unravel 2 – 7:55
    Phogs! – 8:28

  27. Alot of games need optimised for series x

  28. I already finished a way out so I'm playing unravel two

  29. They forgot Star Wars Battlefront 2. That's worth mentioning.

  30. When I searched co op I ment like two people same console 🤦🏻

  31. I wish people would stop adding Minecraft to these tier lists we all know what Minecraft is ffs

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