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14 BEST PS5 CO-OP Games! GREAT with friends on your Couch or Online!

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The 14 best PS5 CO-OP Games that are great with friends on your Couch or Online in our opinion. If you want the best experience with a friend on PS5 or PS4 either locally on your couch or online then check out some of these co-op games. Nothing beats than a co-op experience with a buddy!

14 BEST PS5 CO-OP Games:

0:00 intro
0:20 Sackboy a big adventure
1:23 Haven
2:14 A Way Out
2:58 It takes two
3:49 Outriders
4:19 Overcooked
5:02 Unravel two
5:52 Streets of Rage 4
7:09 Destiny 2
7:40 Man of Medan
8:56 FIFA 21
9:26 C.O.D Black Ops Cold War
9:50 Borderlands 3
10:15 Dirt 5

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  1. These are our favourite coop games right now on the PS5 – which are yours let us know! Thanks for stopping by and watching

  2. Awesome gents!!!! Absolutely love Dirt 5 and Man of Medan. Some great shouts here

  3. Minecraft Dungeons is a decent co-op game for kids. It also on Gamepass ATM.

  4. Gotta really say, not a COOP game but REVIII is an absolute blast to just watch with someone.

  5. Loved A Way out and It takes Two. Chariot is a fun ps4 co-op game as well. 👍

  6. "with my partner" She's your girlfriend or wife you weakling simp. This woke non-sense needs to end.

  7. I am a pig eyed traitor That is in love with Putin says:

    What does he say around 9:38 about split screen? I can't understand him.

  8. Can you use the PlayStation share play to play unravel two with a friend

  9. If only anyone had friends, friends with a PS5, or a Ps5.

    It lacks on either 1 of those.

    Also dont call Fifa a game or a Coop. Its a money printer for EAs personal use.

  10. Bruh ps5 coop doesn’t sign me into my account even though I have one

  11. Just bought the ps5 and looking for a 2player game to play with my 12 years old daughter.
    Could You please suggest something in order to have some quality time?

  12. The Vertigo (steam) is also a great game im playing, i have no friends and im tired of playing alone, if somebody is up to play with me drop ur steam tag

  13. GamesXpanse should be shut down! This isn’t even original content! This is from Switchwatch! Stupid ass!

  14. Outriders – such a WASTE of $60. Never again…ever!

  15. Was hoping for native ps5 games with co op… 😞

  16. This channel just has a teally bad taste for games

  17. tq bro..i’ll like to play man of medan..done subs ur chanel..

  18. Wait so is outriders 2 player couch co op or not? It says it isn’t but it’s on ur multiplayer game list?

  19. I remember having an ocean of local coop games to choose from. With the advent of online multiplayer, those days may truly be behind us. Thanks for the high quality video guys. Well done.

  20. Dirt 5 but no Wreckfest is pound fist on desk what moment 😆

  21. How do you only have 900 subscribe this is an underrated channel

  22. If little nightmares 1-2 had coop I’d be perfect on this list. However like how man of Medan was presented. Little nightmares is also grate to get a bunch of friends to what you play as again a good twist for movie night.

  23. Where exactly is the couch co-op mode in outriders? 🤔

  24. i know an amazing coop game called overcooked (and overcooked 2) with the all you can eat remaster,this 1 to 4 payer game is a friendship-ruining frustration maker,but extremely fun!

    edit: i didnt know it was on the list,sorry!

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