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12 Games of Christmas – Two-Player Games

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower shares a Christmas gift giving guide! 12 Games of Christmas Two Player Games!

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Intro 0:00
Unmatched 2:41
Radlands 4:01
Caesar: Seize Rome in 20 Minutes 5:16
Lawyer Up 6:06
Undaunted 7:28
Caper: Europe 8:41
Great Plains 10:10
Marvel Champions 10:49
Mythic Mischief 11:53
Air, Land, & Sea 13:07
Summoner Wars 14:24
Riftforce 15:11

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  1. We play quietca lot of 2 player games so here is my list (though by far not as many as you guys)- Pagan, my favourite 2 player game from this year. Cool asymmetry with a cool theme that really shines. It is already great with base game, but being able to built your own decks after a few games, trying out different stretegies really makes this game shine.- Also really neat "so, you've been eaten" again, nice asymmetry, fun theme, not to be taken too seriuosly- A really monster of a two player game, saidly with a really bad rule book: stronghold undead. – The knockdown series, especially if you are an Awaken Realms fan, but even if not, it is really neat. I would have played it more if I had had the time to paint the cool minis- Rad lands is really nice and fairly quick.- Also really like unmatched, but also for 4 players, we yet have to get a 3 player map XD- Also, really underappreciated, dice wars. A great tactical game with dice as monsters, there are different factions to play which all play very differenty. At the beginning it can feel a bit much to remember all the rules of the figures, but they really work together so interestingly.- we really enjoy Tainted Grail as a two player game n.n- I still greatly enjoy Patchwork, especially since really pretty versions are finally coming out!- Alone works awesomely at two players. I know the premise is working alone agsinst several evil players but really having more than two evil players just drags the game because it takes much more time for the evil players to decide what to do, also because you can't really openly discuss. With each additional player you get less and less to do, so it really work well with 2 or 3 players- a hidden gem, not sure about availabiliy, far away, a limited communication survival game in space. Most interesting are the alien monsters which have ni AI but just a few words about how they will behave, and you then basically roleplay them. It has a few flaws but it is a fsirly unique game.

  2. A lot of war-themed/dueling games on this list! Our favorite competitive games at two players are Land vs Sea, Watergate, Caper: Europe, Patchwork, Chakra, Calico, and Paladins of the West Kingdom.

  3. One could add the classical honorable mentions: Jaipur, 7 Wonders Duel and Lost Cities.

  4. Mystic mischief is an odd choice here as I felt it is pretty niche and hard to say if it is widely accepted as a Christmas present.

    Echoing with the others I will also include 7 wonders duel and onitama

  5. My larger gaming group only meets 2 times a month, so most of my gaming nights it's just two of us. Thanks for the list!

  6. I want to shout out my current favorite game Res Arcana. It's fantastic at 2, especially if both players are experienced

  7. Lawyer Up? Is that the wacky Camel Up spin-off, with stacking meeples in the shape of suited figures

  8. I always include Targi and have recently fallen for Fjords in a big way as well.

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