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12 Games of Christmas – Two-Player Games

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower shares a Christmas gift giving guide! 12 Games of Christmas Two Player Games!

Watch our 12 Games of Christmas – Family Games video for information about how to enter to win a huge prize from The World Series of Board Gaming!

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Intro 0:00
Unmatched 2:41
Radlands 4:01
Caesar: Seize Rome in 20 Minutes 5:16
Lawyer Up 6:06
Undaunted 7:28
Caper: Europe 8:41
Great Plains 10:10
Marvel Champions 10:49
Mythic Mischief 11:53
Air, Land, & Sea 13:07
Summoner Wars 14:24
Riftforce 15:11

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  1. For kids would say Rhino Hero, Draftousar, King Toyko, Colt Express, Stop Theif, King Dimiono or Queen, and Fireball Island.

  2. Like try Unmatched, Lawyer up, Undaunted, Caper Europe, Marvel Champions, and Mystic Mischief. Not played most these. interesting. Good list. Undaunted know someone who would like that and others sound more for me. Lol.

  3. I alwys enjoy these lists.
    No Wingspan: Asia? 😉

  4. All these tug of war games for Christmas, the time of peace… 😉

  5. I’m really shocked to see Lawyer Up, every review I’ve seen of that game suggests it’s just yet-another-dueling-card-game that over promises and under delivers on the thematicity

  6. Chris Ye – where did you get that hat? I must own one…

  7. I either own or have these games on a wishlist. Get outta my mind!

  8. I have a hard time with this video just because its got a million games ive never heard of with now direct tier-listing

  9. Far away (a cooperative space adventure for exactly two players) is a fun game!

  10. Great video as always. Could you guys PLEASE do another video for good three player games please. Thanks guys.

  11. Splendor Duel? Targi? Azul at 2 is great, but mean. Mandala is my favourite.

  12. Can't believe Christmas is already here. Insane.

  13. For a second I thought this was just a good 2 player dueling games list

  14. Yikes that intro was super sales forward… definitely not my favorite format video list either. First time I'll downvote a DT video

  15. WELL someone is a week too late. None of these are the two player games i just bought. I went with Lost Cities and The Fox in the Forest 🦊 not tried either of them before.
    But i did buy someone Air, Land and Sea last year. Absolutely love it! Feels very nostalgic to me.. Reminds me somehow of l'attaque which i grew up playing.. but much better. It does soo much with so few cards! Even with the non specific world war theme def recommend.

  16. My favorite 2-player games: Onitama, Fox in the Forest, Quarto, Jekyll vs. Hyde, Hive, Royal Visit, Hanamikoji
    Azul also plays pretty good at 2.

  17. which games did they wrap for that background and have they reviewed them all? will they tear them open to play and review them xmas morning?

  18. Great list! Would love to see an update to y’all’s “best beginner/intermediate/expert 2p games” from a while back 🙂

  19. Dominion is fantastic at 2-player! In fact, for many it is considered the best way to play it.

  20. Mythic myschief is already available in retail?

  21. Great list. Most of my plays are at 2, so super useful

  22. I would add Land vs Sea. I got a copy a few months back and it is very fun. The odd 3rd player variant I don't care for but great at 2.

  23. Commenting to say that I loved the intro with the board games under the tree! Tomperial vassault, Samworld, formula Zee… I feel like I have missed that Easter egg all these years!

  24. Splendor duel is on my list to buy for my brother… Just hope the preorder date is accurate…

  25. I thought Splendor Duel would make the list, as it seems to have been received quite well.

  26. Just an observation; the list sways a great deal towards war / fighting. Would have been nice to see other themes on there. Love your channel! 🙂

  27. Roy, you've been so enthusiastic about Summoner Wars that I finally gave in and bought it for my husband. Looking forward to battling it out with him 😁

  28. It's not a TOP 12 games people! Great game recommendations Dice Tower!

  29. Baseball highlights 2045 is great too!!

  30. I really need opinion en this one:
    Only one of tje following but im not convinced between Marvel Champions base game with two expansions Mutant Genesis and the sinister six one or Mythic Mischief with the Witches and Ghost Expansions, heeeelllp! Which one is easier to bring people together, which one is Easier to learn and play?

  31. It's a nice touch you aren't doing a canned intro, which would make your jobs easier. I just wanted to commend you guys and gals for the quality videos you are producing. The set and graphics are top notch.

  32. Came here to see if Unmatched as on the list. Was not disappointed.

  33. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. I go to a movie and eat Chinese food.

  34. Jaipur, Naga Raja, and the classic Stratego.

  35. My favorite of the genre by far: Dual Powers. Beautiful, tactical, deep enough without being very long…

  36. Another good two player only game with a lower price point is Animals in Espionage. Has "I cut, you choose" and a little bit of bluffing/deduction.

  37. <3 Riftforce! Gatefall also fantastic for 2P

  38. The Fox In The Forest(competitive)
    60 Second City(cooperative)

  39. BattleCon is still the best two-player dueling game on the market.

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