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12 Games of Christmas – 2 Player Games

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower crew and our amazing contributors recommend games for your holiday shopping needs! Today, it’s selections for the gamers that often play with one other partner on your list:

0:00 Intro
1:46 Kingdomino Duel
2:56 7 Wonder Duel
3:45 Watergate
4:44 Hanamikoji
5:40 A Little Wordy
6:37 Codenames Duet
7:28 Air Land & Sea
8:21 Dice Throne
9:19 Undaunted
10:25 Skulk Hollow
11:49 Unmatched
13:04 Summoner Wars

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  1. I appreciate the suggestion of Watergate. It is fun and I am a Comm Major/Journalism minor lol

  2. If I had to keep one 2-Player game I would choose Undaunted. Such a great game.

  3. Seeking Santa is my game of choice. Easy rules and high strategy. And with a Christmas theme. But I guess it hasn't got the miniatures or special meeples needed to get the attention of this channel.

  4. Blitzkrieg is a great, quick 2-player game!

  5. sold me on a little wordy. great picks all around

  6. Skulk Hollow is so fun. Not that complicated. Lots of fun yelling. Neat theme. Glad to see that game getting some love.

  7. Something's a bit off with the editing this time, it keeps cutting people off at the last moment for the transition.

  8. Mik and Starla’s energy is infectious! Love them!

  9. How did Fields of Arle not make this list!? How Tom!? How!

  10. i wish there was an easy way to just trade in a first edition for a second edition…. i put way too much money into summoner wars to buy it all over again, but like the changes they made between versions. still a great game either way.

  11. Love Hanamikoji but cannot find it for sale

  12. Well dang tom.thats an amazing tie but it's still ghost pumpkin season bruh!!!

  13. I like Catan Rivals is a really amazing 2 player game, is so fun.

  14. I'm obsessed with Unmatched this year. All the characters work so differently, it's super easy and fast to teach and play but has a lot of long term strategy if you want that sort of thing. I play a match of Bigfoot vs. Deadpool and then immediately want to play again to see how Sherlock Holmes will stack up against Beowulf. 20 characters released so far, and somewhere around THIRTY more in the pipeline!

  15. Love the improvements they did with Summoner Wars 2nd Edition.

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