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11 Best 2 Player Games on Xbox | Couch Co-op AND Online Multiplayer

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The best two player games on Xbox – from couch co-op to playing online – are right here, with the best multiplayer Xbox games you can experience – from EA Sports FC to Diablo 4. Let us know yours in the comments below.

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  1. When I can play with vr on my xbox one

  2. Nice line up except for Diablo 4, Star Wars, and the futbol Games, lol.
    I'd go with BL3 over tiny Tina's.

    Cuphead is one of the best games I've ever played. It takes two is also great fun.

  3. Banjo needs more attention and finally a third game😢 go hand it to toys for bob 2:12

  4. Cuphead is great. Dr kahls robot gives me nightmares though, so definitely have some spare controllers in case you smash them on the floor. Yes that is a confession.

  5. Lol Halo. Probably should've kept that one off.

  6. If youre dead in a coffin, why would i have to protect it? Unless you get revived, thats a stupid gameplay mechanic.

  7. I can't believe you left out Castle Crashers 😢

  8. The Ascent and Crimsonland are also good games

  9. The idea of the video is very cool, many are looking for games for 2! To play with a girl or a friend, but there were few such videos and you did it cool 💚

  10. I literally bought a co-op couch 🛋 today before this video, great timing! 🎮

  11. 1. Leo & Vincent
    2. Yooka & Laylee
    3. Banjo & Kazooie
    4. Amicia & Hugo

  12. Divinty Original Sin is THE #1 co-op experience for RPG

  13. Two Things.

    1. Xbox Console Naming: It should have been as follows (representing a new direction/generation with every 90 degrees)…

    Xbox Original Xbox

    Xbox 360 [originally didn't like it, but it makes much more sense now.]

    Xbox 450 Xbox One (could add an S or X on the end for different models)

    Xbox 540 Xbox Series S/X

    Xbox 630 What they seem to be calling the Xbox Series S2/X2 (which is stupid and not much less confusing)

    Xbox 720

    Xbox 810

    Xbox 900

    If Microsoft don't want this and prefer more of an Apple naming convention, then call the next console this: Xbox – Model S2/X2.

    2. While I don't mind the upper portion of the new Home screen, I am outraged and very frustrated that Microsoft has removed custom groups on the Home screen. Bad move Microsoft. It is almost always a bad thing to remove features.

  14. Wait when did this start ? Last year I couldn't play any 2 players on the same xbox online?!

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