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10 Small Games You Should Know About

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I recommend ten small card games, social games and 2 player games that come in small boxes that I’ve been enjoying over the last year.
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1️⃣Spies, Lies and Supplies –
2️⃣Order Overload: Cafe –
3️⃣Vaalbara –
4️⃣My Favourite Things –
5️⃣Star Wars Deckbuilding Game –
6️⃣The Number –
7️⃣Phantom Ink –
8️⃣Quickity Pickity:
9️⃣Noggin –
🔟No Mercy! –
PUSH Review –
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  1. One game my girlfriend found is Codex Naturalis, it's a gorgeous little gem that is super easy to play and learn. And it's tiny!

  2. “We’ve got 2 player games, party games and social games, there’s something for everyone”

    Me – a predominantly solo player in the need of games that don’t take up much space: 🥲

    (Great vid though, I’m keen for a few of those now!)

  3. Huh. TIL Marvel Snap is just Marvel Air / Land / Sea

  4. Did you just make a star trek reference to a star wars game 😱😱😱 great selection of games!

  5. I love Fluxx it is a great game where it feels different each time you play.

  6. Is air land and sea just marvel snap?

  7. I love small games. Not sure why, but there's something super appealing to me about a game in a super compact package.

  8. How dares one not place James Acaster at the very top

  9. Over Overload looks fun! Too bad it's no longer available for sale… 🙁

  10. "Jurassic Park" is better than "Raiders of the Lost Ark"? No.

  11. I love compact games! There are great to cure boredom on a trip.

  12. I clicked on this to find some nice tiny boardgames. Left with an itch that he looks like older Henry Cavil.

  13. Cobra Paw! Quickest, funnest small game I've ever played

  14. Check out : Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza – an absolutely hilarious cardgame.

  15. I'm interested in knowing what are the most fun cooperative small games available in the market. My personal favourite is Hanabi.

  16. Awesome tips 😍 Great video ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Just want you to know that your videos bring me so much joy and information! What a combo.

  18. Luke skywalker, famously the son of buzz light year 🤣🤣

  19. Air Land & Sea: simply throw away one of the boxes. Both games fit neatly into one box

  20. Love the desk setup! It’s so relaxed and makes the entire set feel more at ease for a calm conversation about gaming.

  21. Nice video i like your explaination want part 2

  22. Thank you very much! Due to your list I bought vaalbara and this evening my wife and I played it for the first time. She was suspicious first but really liked it and I love it👍

  23. One needs to play Star Wars Deckbuilding with the unauthorized Star Realms expansion. Yes the games can play together.

  24. Have you tried Mindbug? It is unbelievably good and thinky.

  25. 13:14 "Luke Skywalker, famously the son of Buzz Lightyear"
    I can't stop laughing 😂

  26. I listen to a lot of channels , and that "in case its a particularly upbeat funeral…"

  27. About Order Overload: "You won't remember them all!" – Tell that to a Costa's barista! 😅

  28. Just wanted to say, my wife and I bought the star wars deckbuilding game a month ago and it's quickly become our favorite game. We play it daily, maybe even multiple times a day. The only problem is that my wife refuses to not play the rebels!

  29. how is "my favorite thing" still not released

  30. “Luke Skywalker…famously the son of Buzz Lightyear” 😂 thank you John

  31. Sad that almost any of that are in Brazil already

  32. Noggin and No Mercy don't have chapter markers.

  33. Nice video.
    Obviously this list needs many more games that are small, very good and entertaining games, among them I can recommend 100%
    Villages of Valeria
    Quests of Valeria
    Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off
    Power Failure
    Germania Magna: Border in Flames
    Pocket Mars
    300: Earth & Water
    Multiuniversum Card Game
    Saboteur: The Dark Cave
    One deck Dungeon, etc.

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