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10 PS2 Games That STILL Hold Up Today

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Welcome to MojoPlays and today we’re looking back on 10 PS2 Games that are still fun to play, even 2 decades later. For this list, we’ll be focusing on titles that are primarily still locked to Sony’s second console, so if you want to revisit some of these classics, you’re going to have to dig out that old machine. Our list includes “The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King” (2003), “Viewtiful Joe” (2004), “The Thing” (2002), “Medal of Honor: Frontline” (2002), “Star Wars: Battlefront II” (2005) and more! What’s your favorite PS2 game you could still replay even today? Let us know down in the comments.

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  1. The viewtiful Joe looks so curse

  2. I still come back to watch old games cause it takes me back to a time in my life when things was so much more simple

  3. If you have a Android phone or a windows computer, you can emulate them All day For free also in 4k resolution.😮

  4. See for me I love playing All these old games. There are so many of them that are so good. I never played I love new games too. But it's like I'm discovering all these games for the first time. Which I am but they've been out for so long. I heard about them I knew about them. That's why I say It's like I'm discovering them for the first time because I've seen friends play some of these games indefinitely heard of them seeing them around, but it's completely different playing It yourself. I really wasn't a big gamer ever until recently. Because life just gets boring. And the older you get, the more boring it gets, you just get tired of the same old everything. That's why I started gaming and I'm discovering a world. I should have kept going on with when I was a kid. I quit gaming as a teenager. Now
    I'm a man. I just want to be a kid again and lose myself. In different worlds not only that, I want to start with all the older games and work. My way up to the newer systems. Kind of like you can't just jump into Marvel movies, watching the new ones. You have to start at the very beginning for the new ones to even make sense. So you would have to start at the older Marvel movies on to the newer ones. Or you will be lost same with gaming. I feel I want to start from the beginning and work my way up to the current generation of gaming.

  5. The title and intro make it seem like the list is going to be about ps2 exclusives but I don’t think any of them are. This is more of a 6th gen list than a ps2 list

  6. God of War 1 and 2 still hold up today! also MGS 2 and Devil May Cry

  7. COD King? Sure darling, CSGO is the King of FPS

  8. One of my all time favorite PS2 games is Coliseum Road To Freedom I do not care what anyone says that gane got me so hooked i played through it 3 times in a row and only got up to eat and shit. It took me 2 days

  9. Ill tell you this, the PlayStation 2 Library will stand the test of time because they're actual games and they're actually finished. The PS4/5 era is filled with disappointing unfinished games that are mostly all the same. No originality, and most games are "simulators" now taking the fun out of things. Too many Developers focus on "good graphics" without actually making a good game these days, and honestly all the uncanny valley dead NPCs creep me out anyway. Games suck today

  10. The Getaway series was ahead of its time. I was sad to see the studio go bankrupt

  11. Kinda wild this list didnt have SSX Tricky/SSX 3, Bully or Spiderman 2

  12. Need for speed underground should have been number one honestly the music vibe for the time and graphics still hold up very well

  13. I remember getting underground when it 1st came out just to play in da hawaii, level 8+ hours da 1st day

  14. The most iconic game for me has to be Freedom Fighters! I wonder whatever happened to that franchise 🙁

  15. Some of my top personal picks would be Sly Cooper series, Ratchet and Clank series, and Simpsons Hit and Run

  16. Just played battlefront 2 a few months ago and it is still super fun. I thought it was better than the new battlefronts.

  17. rapala pro fishing, espn nfl 2k5, cabelas deer season 2005, NFS HP2, also katamari damacy.

    those are my top faves. also mercenaries. that was good game

  18. We really did get more bang for our buck with games from that era. Legendary!

  19. thank god for pc lol i can get all of these games on the emulator

  20. I hated racing games as a kid still not the biggest fan now but like them more but I adored midnight club 3 I actually had so much fun with it so that really says something about it

  21. We need a new midnight club. Rockstar can countwr the boring endless grind that comes few hours in with the latest NFS or Horizon.

  22. Culdcept 2, Valkirye Profile Silmeria and FFX, always come back after a while.

  23. Oh i remember that background music Burnout3:Takedown

  24. The 501st journal is always fascinating to see and listen too.

  25. "Undoubtably"? I love these vids but I have heard that word in the last three. I quit. Lol.
    It's undoubtedly, by the way. 😂

  26. So many good games that I forget all of the good games. This was a nice video because it includes games you don't typically see on a PS2 list.

  27. For so many people, their favorite multiplayer shooter is Goldeneye or Halo. For me, it will always be Battlefront 2.

  28. Eric Sparrow: Still the biggest POS in gaming

  29. I still have my working PS2 and my Thug2 (tony hawk's underground 2) and it's still as awesome as ever!

  30. Def Jam Fight For New York would definitely hold up today.

  31. And you have to keep in mind that servers, on PC, are still a thing

  32. Battlefront 2 kept me and my friends up for countless nights!

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