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10 Great Xbox games that you can play 1 to 4 players at the same time! If you are a parent you can for example play these games together with up to 3 children. Or your child can play these games at home with 3 of his friends. They can play at home instead of with strangers online. Most Xbox 360 games are for 1 player or 2 players max. All LEGO games for example are for 2 players max. But the 10 games in this video can all be played by up to four players at same time on a single Xbox 360-console. I own all of these games and I can recommend all of them. When I sometimes babysit the kids of a relative we play these games and the kids love them (especially Ninja Turtles, Sonic, SpongeBob and Rayman Legends).

All the games in this video can be played by 4 players simultaneously. Sometimes it can say 1-4 players on the box of a game even if that’s “not really” the case. One game I bought (NOT included in the video) stated “1-4 player” on the box but it was just a very limited part that was 1-4 player. In this limited part the 4 players had to “take turns”. Only 1 person could play at a time and the others had to wait for their turn.

Watch in HD if possible. This video was filmed with a Panasonic DMC-TZ10. Editing was done in Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. This video is an info and review video. The music in the video is provided by YouTube’s creation tool. The artists and songs are mentioned in the end of the video.

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  1. teenage mutant ninja turle wont work on my x box 360

  2. these are the single most shity games i have ever seen in my intire life

  3. Great video. I have some friends coming around soon and I needed some ideas on what to play. Now I have some. Thank you!

  4. Army of Two. If you have Dualplay support on TV you can have a great fun with this game. You need dual play glasses as well…

  5. Really? None gameplay? Just the game box? This is the most ridiculous and unnecessary video that i saw

  6. Some other Xbox 360 games for 1-4 players (besides the games in the video) are Worms The Revolution Collection, Little Big Planet 1, Little Big Planet 2, Little Big Planet 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Rayman Origins, Madagascar Kartz and Dead or Alive 5. (Dead or Alive 5 has age limit 16). Many sports games are 1-4 players. Some 1-4 player sports games that I have are 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, London Olympics 2012 and FIFA Street.     

  7. Hey bros.
    Can u help me ,how to connect 2 controllers to xbox 360

  8. Wonderful Video!! I was looking for games to play with my kid and his friends. Thanks really appreciated!!

  9. To be completely honest, there are a lot of better one-four player games than these. 

  10. they have more games for 1-4 players xbox 360

  11. hello can you tell me what games are for 4 players apart from those already named as Xbox 360

  12. My sons have the Minecraft Xbox 360 game. They fight all the time saying they cannot play it at the same time that it's a one player game. Do you think this is because our xbox doesn't have enough memory or what could be another reason it won't let them play it together? I am not Xbox knowledgeable and could use some help.

  13. the game tmnt 
    i cant play it 4 player

  14. thank you for the list. this was really helpful.

  15. Thnx for this, can you also make sample gameplay of each?

  16. jorge luis dos santos madeira madeira says:

    True rating Pegi: for ages 3 and up the games: sponge Bob,rayman and cars 2.

  17. jorge luis dos santos madeira madeira says:

    Nickeloden tmnt true rating pegi: for ages 7 no 12.

  18. RAYMAN LEGENDS is quite possibly the best game ever, as enjoyable as it is for babies as it is for full grown adults!! Infinite number of retries! players can drop in and out at any time! Great music and beats and coordination even incredibly long and fun for just one person insanely creative levels

  19. what do you click for others control to j oin

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