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10 board games that play great with 2 players! | Board games we love to play together!

Jenna Rose
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Hey friends! Welcome back to another board game video! Today we are discussing 10 (actually 12) games that we love to play at a 2 player count! Pretty much all of these games can be played with more but they are great 2 player! Hope you all enjoy and discovered some new games to check out!

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  1. You have a wonderful channel, Jenna. I highly suggest you try Mr. Jack, based on some of the game elements you enjoy. It is for 2 players, exclusively. It's got deduction, and it's asymmetrical. I enjoy both roles.

  2. Great video and nice list of recommendations. In regards to your question: A few photos or short video clips of the game you're talking about is always welcomed 🙂

  3. I'd love to see some sweet B-Roll footage while you talk about the games 😀

  4. My husband said no to Kallax and got me a more efficient shelf instead.

  5. I prefer your game vids. Love them, and I do love when you put pics of the games in your vids, too!

  6. Hello, just started watching your stuff, here are some of my suggestions:Just 2 Player games: Caper Europe, Targi, Jaipur, Raptor, Haven. Good Red Raven Game: Near & Far

  7. just found your channel. definitely prefer videos with pictures overlaid! ty for asking. would like more in depth discussion about the mechanisms and systems of the games too if you have time!

  8. OMG! I'm so proud of myself for having played a game you recommended before I ever heard you talk about it 😀 I LOVED Chronicles of Crime. I am crime scene investigator for sure every time LOL

  9. Great video! Would be better if you spoke less and put up more visuals/images of the board game. Thanks!

  10. Put 4 games horizontal behind the display games…that way you get all the storage plus the cool look. That’s what I do. 🙂
    I keep a spreadsheet map for exact location of all games (300+ games) for guests to quickly find any fame.

  11. I like Scythe with 2 players too! I think when there are only 2 players, it means less combat. Great list, thanks for the video. Liked and subbed! 😄

  12. Definitely recommend the other two games in the Arzium Storybook trilogy: Near and Far, Now or Never

  13. I like your videos but if you played a drinking game where you do a shot every time you say ‘like’…..you’d die

  14. Azul, Pan Am, and Trails are my go to two player games. They are also great with three or four.

  15. I'm not sure about the dimensions of your shelf, but on mine there is room to store 4 or 5 games behind the one featured in the front. Great list of games!

  16. Most people have 4 or 5 games behind the onse facing front on a Kalex shelf like that not just 1. So getting 5-6 per cube. Just FYI

  17. Thanks!! I didn't even know I needed these games but I just ordered several to try out.

  18. Also, please make a video with "easier" games as well.

  19. The front facing board games Are a completely inefficient way to store stuff but dang it’s nice lookin haha if ever we do that, we almost always hide games behind them because, yeah space is precious ha

  20. Killing the board game vids! I get so jazzed every time haha. Can't wait to see how the game room turns out!

  21. My partner and I love to play viticulture, 7 wonders duel, Azul and Ark Nova as 2 player games 😊

  22. I've mostly just soloed Scythe and I love it. The solo mode is quite confrontational. Santorini is a great game. Very simple rules but it's really hard to master. Even though it doesn't have any randomness, it's still possible that two people with different skill levels could have fun with it. It has so many choices that it's possible to be completely surprised by some clever move. I prefer not to use the god powers, cause I think the base game is just so elegant by itself.

    I mostly play backgammon with my daughter almost daily. My partner is not a big gamer but she enjoys some Agricola, Terraforming Mars or Wingspan every now and then.

  23. I enjoyed this video, but I am new to playing board games. Smaller two player board games would be great.

  24. Please consider doing some "how to play" videos. You know so much about board games that even some playthrough videos for some of your favorite games would help people, like me, who are just getting into this wonderful hobby.

  25. There is room for about 4 games behind each of those front-facing games. No reason not to use that space.

  26. Deduction games I like include Search For Planet X and The Shipwreck Arcana.

  27. Would love some video clips and pictures while you talk about the games!

  28. Late pledges for the Everdell Complete Collection kickstarter are still open (nudge, nudge) 🙂 I'm looking forward to one of my Kallax spots being filled with that big ol' Everdell box.

  29. Thanks for the recommendations. I've been having my eye on Alchemist and Scythe for awhile.
    Pictures/videos are super helpful. ♥️

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