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10 BEST Two-Player PS4 Games To Play With Friends!

Cultured Vultures
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We’ve put together the below list of the best two-player PS4 games you should play. You’ll find a lot to love here with everything from party games to beat ’em ups to action RPGs, so grab your player two and read on. Bear in mind that all of these games will also work on PS5 thanks to backwards compatibility.


00:00 Intro
01:00 Guacamelee 2
01:48 Don’t Starve Together
02:33 Diablo 3
03:25 Scott Pilgrim
04:17 Knights and Bikes
05:03 Rayman Legends
05:56 Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes
06:39 Stardew Valley
07:29 Overcooked
08:20 Rocket League

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  1. I think that pvz battle for neighbourville is also a good one bc u can be whatever u want even if someone is using that caracter and u can do fun roleplays in it

  2. Does this like free games for 2 player

  3. I liked the list, it's exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate the efforts.

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