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10 Best PS5 Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends! (2021 Edition) | PlayStation 5

Cultured Vultures
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The PS5 has been a long time coming, but we’re finally here. If you’re one of the lucky few who managed to get their hands on one, you might be wondering what the best PS5 multiplayer games are while you wait for the next Elder Scrolls or Call of Duty.

Well, there are a few multiplayer games already available on the console that, in our opinion, are going to keep you plenty entertained until the next wave of AAA releases hit the shelves.

We want to highlight these games for you and prove that the PS5 doesn’t have the limited discography that many people assume it does — whether that’s brand new games or a whole library of enhanced games from the PS4. So, here are the best multiplayer games on PS5 that have been released so far.

00:00 Intro
00:56 Worms Rumble
01:56 Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
03:11 Dead By Daylight
04:26 Rainbow Six Siege
05:21 Destiny 2
06:32 Warframe
07:30 Apex Legends
08:35 Rocket League
09:23 Fortnite
10:30 Call of Duty: Warzone


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  2. Love you’re videos ❤ keep up the good work

  3. None of these are console exclusive…

  4. R6 was the best in the past. But since a year ist it bull…. And. Since this season ist complety nonsene

  5. Found a ps5 pro that supports 8k resolution 599.99 gl for the people who don't have one yet walked in the store and found one at target im guessing this one is not a promo console like 1st and 2nd Gen

  6. Christmas is soon and I have no idea what to ask for so I watch this video

  7. Showdown hunt ,insurgency sandstorm, dayz give more credit to smaller developers

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