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10 Best PS5 Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends! (2021 Edition) | PlayStation 5

Cultured Vultures
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The PS5 has been a long time coming, but we’re finally here. If you’re one of the lucky few who managed to get their hands on one, you might be wondering what the best PS5 multiplayer games are while you wait for the next Elder Scrolls or Call of Duty.

Well, there are a few multiplayer games already available on the console that, in our opinion, are going to keep you plenty entertained until the next wave of AAA releases hit the shelves.

We want to highlight these games for you and prove that the PS5 doesn’t have the limited discography that many people assume it does — whether that’s brand new games or a whole library of enhanced games from the PS4. So, here are the best multiplayer games on PS5 that have been released so far.

00:00 Intro
00:56 Worms Rumble
01:56 Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
03:11 Dead By Daylight
04:26 Rainbow Six Siege
05:21 Destiny 2
06:32 Warframe
07:30 Apex Legends
08:35 Rocket League
09:23 Fortnite
10:30 Call of Duty: Warzone


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  1. I bought 2 PS5’s yesterday in store at GameStop. They had bundles only. I’m soooo fucking stoked!!

  2. Is this game better than Tom Clancy ghost recon woodlands?🧐

  3. Such a lack of shooters. Battlefield is a joke now, cod is still on world war crap, rainbow six was good but robbing everyone blind by forcing people to buy the updates so you aren’t outclassed, new rainbow six has no pvp and insurgency sandstorm is the only one that I consider decent. It’s not bad just seems like a free to play game. There really needs to be a new developer making a tactical realistic shooter based in modern days.

  4. Mans giving me nostalgic vibes with the Bully soundtrack.

  5. so basicaly nothing good out if i wanted to play old games id buy them on ps4

  6. I found this list… disappointing. Maybe it’s time to put games down.

  7. Alrightttt now all i gotta do is get a ps5…..
    Oh and some friends

  8. For me Most Addictive & thrilling was Smack Down vs. Pain (6 players). NO Other Game can Give me Same feelings.

  9. Bruh every one of these videos is plagued with garbage battle royals

  10. I watched this video because I am one of the lucky on who has a PS5

  11. Honestly been so bored with my ps5, you get sick of playing the same games over and over. Id rather just be on my phone till they release some new shit

  12. Dude you put warzone on number 1? I wouldn't take that game in a top 10 list. The game is full of bugs and hackers

  13. Something that bothers me a bit is that these are all shooters. Are there no good non-shooter multiplayer games? I have been playing games for about 30 years now and am honestly a bit sick of just getting the same mechanics again and again just with some updated graphics and some tweaks. It gets boring 🙂

  14. Never played Destiny 2 but heard the main story was removed so its not good for new players now?

  15. Another game like Champions: return to arms or Alien vs Predator Extinction. Online versions of those games would be amazing

  16. All of these games are generic trash besides Apex and even that's not that great.

  17. Hazel El Sobresaliente Famoso La Guarida Musical says:

    Playstation 5 games no like more better Playstation 4 wow 😫

  18. Ps5 1 place warzone???? 120mhz ist suck.this game video always have problem always lag. and 1 place wtf🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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  25. back to futrre tiumemachine u dead dont black eyes god

  26. wanna paly upstair marrie me love puff do whiel puffing

  27. secruit free how to play musicc dayoff

  28. causei pay lockd woo comptter and war better can hwav this

  29. Skyrim has been ported to ps5 and was released firs half of xbox ps3

  30. What can I play now cos the ruined warzone with the vanguard map and guns instead of regular guns so what can I play to fill that spot

  31. Fuck d2 lmfao absolutely shitty game no matter how hard they try they will never go back to D1 and that was the absolute best

  32. This list is mostly full of games you will hate in less than a month. The only game it did list worth playing is War Frame.

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