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10 BEST PS4 Split-Screen Games To Play With Friends 2021 | PlayStation 4

Cultured Vultures
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We’ve dug out the best PS4 split screen games we could find in no particular order. How many have you tried, and which would you recommend for us to try out with a friend?

00:00 Intro
00:52 Nex Machina
01:23 Diablo 3
02:02 Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
02:45 Rayman Legends
03:24 Rocket League
04:00 Fortnite
04:35 Divinity: Original Sin 2
05:13 Lego
05:55 CTR Nitro Fueled
06:28 A Way Out


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  1. You should rename this video to Worst games to play in your life.

  2. Looks like finally I had so much fun with my older brother in a way out

  3. How the hell did he pick every game nobody wants to play 🤦🏾

  4. It takes 2 deserves number 1 spot far superior then them all best story best split screen

  5. Do you even know what means split-screen? Giving you dislike for wrong title

  6. Nice video. A Way Out was disappointing for me, but I can see people having some fun with it. I still think Resident Evil 5 is the Holy Grail of split screen "girlfriend games"

  7. Its lame how ps4 has no a lot of local multiplayer games, still hook on diablo 3, by the way, HAHAHA.

    Niiiice video

  8. I love the “bully” theme music in the background

  9. There is a difference between „splitscreen“ and „shared screen“ …

  10. Re revelation 2, starwars, ark, has split screen.

  11. U forgot mortal Kombat🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  12. I never knew that rocket league was a split screen game

  13. A way out is slept on…wish it had a longer story line though..

  14. Don’t ever mention fortnite as a “good” game again… battle Royale is literally destroying the concept of online gaming, it’s trash

  15. Diablo3 and Divinity are you sure these have split screen?

  16. We really need a splitscreen zombie game 💀

  17. Is there a split screen game that is free please I need some

  18. Splitscreen ps4:
    – Outward (hard rpg)
    – hellpoint (darksouls like)
    – portal knights (kiddie)
    – minecraft
    – earth defense force (iron rain for visuals)
    – plants vs zombies battle for neighborville
    – borderlands 3, there was a recent update that included vertical splitscreen

  19. A way out its the best fucking game ever. The story, the gameplay, everything. I played it with my brother and it was a ride, still arguing over who should've died in the end lmao
    Really wish there were more games like that. Are people really loners and only child that there's is only single player games? Are your friends living in Europe or asia to play online with them? Still remember those days when we used to hang up at each other's house to play, good fucking times

  20. there’s not split screen in fortnite multiplayer

  21. I suggest Star Wars Battlefront 2 and It takes two

  22. Way out was very poor. Hardly a game. Like something designed for a 5 year old.

  23. Any more games similar to Borderlands for split screen gaming?

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