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10 Best PlayStation 1 Multiplayer Games

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Tony Hawk’s, Crash Team Racing… what comes out on top?

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  1. South Park: Chef's Luv Shack not being on this list is an abhorrent shame

  2. Not Twisted Metal 2? Deathmatch AND Co-op Campaign?? Probably my most rented game.

  3. I love gorilla monkey anus face from crash bash

  4. So you really didn’t put Twisted Metal 2 on here like c’mon that game was one of the best games on the PS1

  5. Sorry but anyone whose actually played crash bash knows it was an awful game with game modes that were reskins of each other

  6. I think it's obvious that Jess has only played the original black label PAL version of crash bash if she's putting it on this list, since that was the only version that allowed you access to all the minigames without having to slog through the adventure mode to unlock them… It's not a bad game, just hampered down by all the flawed decisions eurocom made when making it…

  7. Die Hard trilogy was always a good time. Still have the green gun controller😂

  8. you forgot about fighting force and smack down vs raw 2

  9. Nascar rumble. I used to destroy my brother and sister at that game!

  10. Disappointed Quake 2 didn’t make this list. 4 player split screen death match with good level design and the performance actually held up decently.

  11. This list does not do the playstation Justice. No Tekken 3? Wu Tang Shaolin Style? Quake 2? Gran Turismo? Cool Boarders? At least we all agree Crash Team was the best.

  12. You forgot Soul Blade and Hogs Of War (rip Rik Mayall 😔)

  13. Bishi Bashi was the most memorable one for me, it is just so, so, so much fun 🤣

  14. Tekken 2 and 3
    V rally
    Cool Boarders
    Soul edge/blade
    Pocket fighter

  15. Did Armoured Core have a multiplayer setting? I seem to remember playing that for hours with my best mate at high school

  16. 10. uh… mario party does have those ability but usually for a.i. only, just tune down to make it easier for kids.
    6. it was fun, too bad just played solo back then.
    4. the n64 was much better.

    during that time, i was playing the n64 most of the time, since i don't own a playstation 1, so mostly i play multiplayer on the n64 with 4 players with my brothers and cousins.

  17. Some absolute shockers on there yet you've not put a single tekken game down

  18. Hogs of War. One of the finest multiplayer games ever.

  19. My brother and I played the hell out of crash bash, that and if anyone remembers Team Buddies that game was the best also

  20. Really average list poy poy would like a talk

  21. International Track and Field was soooo much fun.

  22. International Track amd Field!!!! Yes!! Loved that, and the follow up so much. Many a controller gave out under the constant rapid fire button mashing that game needed. Me and my mates were.constanrly battling for work records and each had their own technique lol

  23. This list is basically my late childhood summed up lol. Track and field, point blank, THPS2, Worms Armageddon and Micro Mainiacs were all top regulars on my PSX.

  24. i truly loved Crash Bash, deserves a remaster

  25. I could not even guess how many hours I put into international track and field with my mates, I rented the game and ended up buying the rental copy I played it so much… I even had my own dedicated sock to reduce friction as i slid my fingers from O to X at crazy speeds… those were the days!!

  26. Lots of time playing split screen twisted metal ps1 back in my youth

  27. Ever heard of RAD (Robot Alchemic Drive)? It's a super rare 2 player PS2 fighting game. The premise? You control a giant skyscraper sized robot and use the sticks to throw punches, the shoulder buttons to walk (alternate L1 and R1 to walk) and the face buttons to use character specific weapons. Look it up on YouTube, it's a freaking blast.

  28. …crash bash? Crash freaking bash? Considered the start of the crash series going downhill?

    Yeah you lost me there

  29. Tekken 3 and Destruction Derby Raw were also great

  30. Where is the GOAT Vigilante 8 2nd Offense!?

  31. Missing Team Buddies and Hogs Of War. Best PS1 multiplayer games ever.

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