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10 Best Couch Co-op Games of All Time

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Looking to play offline with a friend or two? We’ve got you covered with our favorite co op game recommendations!
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  1. “Divinity 1 and 2” !!! And “It Takes Two!”

  2. what is the name of the song that stars at 3:10 in background

  3. Bummed Broforce didn't make the list.

  4. No one is meeting the fighting force which came out in early 20s

  5. Too many shooters and I don't like shooter games so I'll try to find more 😂

  6. Resident evil 5 had better been up there is what I was thinking the moment I read the title

  7. We need another army of 2 game. With maybe a horde mode so it doesn't get stale running through the campaign scenarios over and over

  8. Gears 2 is an absolute masterpiece. Fuck the rest of them. Just perfection

  9. Resi 5 is brilliant. I’ve played it twice now coop which is mad for me considering I’ve played though fuck all games in general

  10. "Doing it on the couch"
    ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

  11. RIP army of two, you’ll always have a special place in my heart even tho you complete ruined it w the 3rd one

  12. How could you forget the call of duty zombies game modes

  13. Great list but Castle Crashers exists lmao

  14. I mean gears of war should be number one the older games besides halo 😇

  15. Somebody should make a video about couch coop with your girlfriend. Meaning all games have to be stupid easy.

  16. I’ve lost all my friends to friendly fire in overcooked

  17. If anyone here has played ark survival I think they should fix couch co-op because currently you have to be within a certain distance from the host otherwise it won’t let you move further away.

  18. The best co-op games of all time, and you don't mention ONE single Nintendo game, like, say, Super Smash Bros. WTF is this channel?

  19. New Super Mario Bros Wii and any of the followups that had you jumping off of and picking up your co-op buddies. The hilarity that ensued was some of the hardest I've laughed while playing couch co-op.

  20. Ohhh! And Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Literally you need to make 7 more episodes of this!!!

  21. Playstation needs work on bringing back ps vita with new games

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