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10 BEST CO-OP Horror Games To Play With Friends!

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10 BEST CO-OP Horror Games To Play With Friends!
In this video, we talk about the top 10 best multiplayer horror games to play with friends. Subscribe for more!

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  1. Wayyy too many zombie games. We want jumpscares chases

  2. bad video none of these games made my ball tighten up

  3. Do you any Good Co op horror games on Xbox For Game pass or Free?

  4. Can U Give Recommendation for My Graphics Card I Have Gt710 which graphics card I can buy to replace it

  5. bro do you get what a SHOOTING GAME AND A HORROR GAME IS?

  6. Phasmophobia is literally the best horror game with a full house, fun as hell and I still scream every time I play lol

  7. U couldn’t have used worse footage for dbd

  8. What’s the second game called again?

  9. He sounds way better when you turn up your speed to 1.2 5 X

  10. Dude I have no idea what the last game is called because of your accent maybe type the names in the description

  11. can you do another top 10 co op games on ps4? & horror too

  12. these are scary games im lookin for horror ganes

  13. I'm looking for something dark were you can't see anything and do more terror than horror witch is co op

  14. Thanks for mentioning the blackout club severely underrated

  15. resident evil 5 and left 4 dead 2 are not horror games

  16. set the speed to 1.25x it will sound 10839382929383x better

  17. Hi are all this games are split screen no internet need ? Thank you

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