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✅ Get the controller I used in this video
Do you want to play Retro Games on your Amazon fire Stick? This will also work with the amazon fire TV, Amazon Fire Cube, and any other android box. In my demonstration, I am using the 4K Firestick. I will show you how to use your Phone as a controller and play retro games. You can also play 2 player retro games.
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  1. I use a xbox one controller but when I press the to insert a coin it's not working help please

  2. My cell phone is not connected after I downloaded. It's on the same network but when I hit the option where you ip address is it wont turn green

  3. I don't have enough storage on fire stick 4k

  4. Can I play the games without cell phone? I own game controller for fire tv

  5. The game controller for fire TV isn't working to play games.

  6. Does this app update on games cause it’s messing some games that the app check on the phone have

  7. I pressed the select button on my controller, it isnt working for the coins to start the game, please help. Select only restarts the game ..Thanks

  8. Slow the hell down! You need to watch other videos and try to follow their style. Great video, but could be more user friendly.

  9. it dont have every game stop lying dickhead

  10. I could get permission to swap usb on my 2nd gen but when I upgraded to a 4k it no longer allows me to.

  11. How to increase storage on Amazon Fire 🔥 Stick

  12. the controller wont connect to the app on the firestick it wont turn green the wifi popped up but not my firestick what should I do?

  13. Can you use the virtual controller for other games like asphalt 8 on aftv??

  14. Every time I try to download Happy Check my internet connection is lost. I know it's my internet because it starts acting funny on my phone too. Anyone internet/router knowledgeable enough to know what the problem could be and how to fix or?

  15. Okay very new to this scene.. I have a fire stick 4k and I downloaded happy chick and I put in one game everything works well.. my question would be where is the storage of that game go into.. the fire stick or into the emulator? how do I delete the storage space for that game? Either Tech doctor or anybody? Thank you in advance

  16. Hi TD, I have just installed happy chick from your website onto my nvidia shield 🛡 & when I open it up then click on anything, there is nothing there & now I can't uninstall it as it's not listed in my apps list, tried to make it appear by creating shortcut withTv app Repo, but it says build failed, don't know what to do? I hope u can help 👍

  17. Can you recommend how to use a iPhone as a controller?

  18. hey, thanks for the video
    I downloaded the emulator on an Android box…
    Now I have problems with the controllers.
    Just a few questions:
    1. Can I use the wireless keyboard as a controller.
    2. Can I use a cheap set of USB controllers (about 20 dollars a pair)?https://www.amazon.ca/Nintendo-Controller-kiwitat%C3%A1-Joystick-Raspberry/dp/B01JYGYAX8/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=2+pack+game+controller+usb&qid=1574054334&s=electronics&sr=1-4
    3. I wasn't able to download a virtual controller from your store for an iphone…
    4. If I have 2 wired controllers can I use the 2 USB ports from my Android box? Or I need a spliter?
    Your answer will be appreciated….Thanks

  19. can i pair 2 or more bluetooh controls in firestick?

  20. @TechDoctorUK which Gamepad you would reconnmend for FireTV?

  21. thanks for this video! Is it possible to use more than 1 virtual controllers at the same time? Because i can currently only connect one at a time 🙁

  22. Cell phone not connected and it's on same network. I wish I could just connect my phone to my firestick and plug in my wired controller to said phone and use it that way….. plz make it happen so many ways to do this n I think that would be easiest besides bluetooth controller

  23. Hi, is there a way for me to spoof my location so that Hulu thinks I'm somewhere else ?
    This is needed for Hulu Live TV.

  24. How are we supposed to understand this if is only in Japanese??

  25. So you really liking all the comments that don't have a problem with it but ignore the ones that need help
    Man u fake as hell

  26. Hey Tech doctor, love your vids, I'm having issues why trying to connect any bluetooth controller, they connect but when I press the buttons on the pads nothing works, have tried dual shock ps4 and generic Bluetooth pad same issue….. I have tried Google for a fix but found nothing any ideas… Hope your well..

  27. Even though i have ample storage it says not enough storage

  28. I need help it says insufficient storage and im looking at .96gb doesnt make sense

  29. "So you can get a true arcade experience withouth paying for a gamepad"
    bro u lost me there. That shit hurt

  30. Is the controller you're using still the best?

  31. I have connected a extrenal usb drive to my fire stick. When i go to storage device in the happy chick app it tells me, "No switchable storage device". My firestick reads the usb. I formatted it (fat32), i can access the files through ES explorer… but happy chick isnt recognizing it. How can i fix this?

  32. Which arcade stick can I connect to my android wirelessly with Bluetooth no cable?

  33. So @techdoctoruk I bought the controller in the video the Gamesir GS4 and I notice it keeps freezing up after a few minutes of play then I have to reset it just to play again. I contacted Gamesir. Waiting for a reply but just curious did you run into this issue when using it? If so, how did you solve it?

  34. Hi there. I have just the virtual controller onto my phone. It is showing the same Wi-Fi network. I can't seem to get it to connect with my firestick. Help. I'm new to all this. Thanks

  35. Tried it several times and games just don't work for me.

  36. Can you play with two wireless controllers on the same game in happy chick???? In case i bought two controllers online. I don't want to use my cell phone as a controller.

  37. Hi, i try to pair 2 same bluetooth gamepads with different bluetooth address onto my andorid box but when i run happy chick and configure to play with 2 gamepad always the 2nd player controller having problem (not able to press those action button x y z, start, select and etc). Do you know any fix to that? i try to swap the controller (to player 1 and 2) but dun seem any problem with my gamepad.

  38. Nicely explained.

    Please make a video on how to add your own (external) roms to happy chick.

  39. Love this guy keep the good work up …

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