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✅ Get the controller I used in this video
Do you want to play Retro Games on your Amazon fire Stick? This will also work with the amazon fire TV, Amazon Fire Cube, and any other android box. In my demonstration, I am using the 4K Firestick. I will show you how to use your Phone as a controller and play retro games. You can also play 2 player retro games.
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  1. I enjoy your channel, I keep getting error connection when trying to play games on happy chick

  2. Hi techdoctor.
    Hope your well
    I like your tv
    Which tv is this pls make size and model?..thanks

  3. Nice the games worked!!but for strret fighter ,when i press select to insert coin it shows options to load game or exit.Pls helpp Street fighter is my childhood fav game

  4. This video do not help. Your phone was already connected automatically. You didnt show us how to connect to the internet

  5. I have the Nvidia shield controller and it’s not working

  6. Great video. It works on my Nvidia 2015 version. When I try to download the app file on my Nvidia Pro 2019, I get a message stating, not supported Download is not supported on this device yet. Any ideas how to get around this?

  7. For those of you who only have two options for let's say 'Player 2', which might be None and Amazon Fire TV Remote, and the controller you want only shows up on Player3. Change Player3 to None, now Player2 will give the option of your controller.
    Make sure all controllers are turned on and haven't timed out and turned off by itself.

  8. I miss having an android for reasons like this. I had so many games on my old android phone & tablet. And I got good at installing Ramzan with all that technology jazz. On the way to work on the train I would bring my tablet and play games like Mortal Kombat Tekkon Street fighter super Mario and ppl would ask about it all the time. But iPhones it’s almost impossible to get a emulator. You can get the ROM’s though but that’s about it

  9. Hi TDUK,
    Today there seems to be an update which I'm having trouble getting to download via firestick on the original app…please help👍

  10. Shit doesn't work! No games Available!

  11. On mine it says invalid credentials how do I fix this

  12. What version of happy are you using. New version seems like different and not user friendly

  13. My mobile is not connecting with tv

  14. Can this virtual controller work cloud gaming?

  15. The Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 is the best emulator for android. When you want to play on your TV in the living room, without having a PC plugged in

  16. Love your videos 👍. Any idea how I can install among us game on the shield. Thanks🇨🇦

  17. Fantastic my guy but one question. How do you lauch N64 and PS1 roms with the Bios requirement and all that? Can you download bios and roms for ps1 externally and install from external with a USB ? It's because mine is unable to run N64 and PS1 Roms/ISOs. Others work well.

  18. Thank you for your videos happy chick virtual controller 🎮 😊

  19. How do you go back within a game. Like if I'm playing the game but want to go back to the options menu of the game. Every time I try it makes me exit and restart the game. I'm using the game sir controller.

  20. Not working on the firestick lite and neither is retroarch….!!!

  21. Tried Happy Chick thought it was a lot of s***

  22. When I click into anything in happy chic it says no results. In Retroarch on the menu when I click anything nothing happens, the cursor just goes back to the home "main menu" position. I'M SO OVER TRYING TO SET UP A RETRO EMULATOR! PEOPLE ACT AS IF IT'S SO SIMPLE, BUT I CAN'T GET ANY HELP.


  24. Hello, how about put manual rom on memory? Years ago I remember was possible on android smartphone…

  25. I can get them to download but not unpack says error every time

  26. Great tutorial, very clear & well explained 10/10

  27. i have it on my firestick but am having big problems getting my wiresless xbox controller to be successful at mapping it's keys for this thing, biggest problem is the START button, it works just fine with NES games, and SEGA GENESIS games and such but when it comes to the PS/PSP games i just can't get it to work, doesn't matter WHAT button i try to map to the start button it simply WILL NOT WORK, so most PS/PSP games become unplayable for me, what a drag seeing as i only wanted to use this emulator to play those types of games!

  28. I have a question that the virtual controller isn't detecting my fire tv

  29. So for some reason, when I play nes, SNES and genesis games. The right red button keep making me quit the game for no reason. Can you help me about that?

  30. I don’t know why it keeps saying network unavailable also I can’t play because it’s not loading

  31. اريد ان العب انا وشريكي من اثنين في هابي تشيك في الاتصال شبكه الهاتف بالاثنين في الهواتف

  32. Sir not able to download the games

  33. The virtuale controler file wont open

  34. I have issue with the bluetooth controller which basically have noticeable lag on playing fighting games. Anyone have solution on it?

  35. so I have a FireTV that has a spot for external USB.. I've formatted it and it shows up so can I download that app to it as well as the games to the USB? or would it be best to just connect it to my PC and download the whole bunch of games first from a torrent and then use the app.. thanks!

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