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🎮 3 best split screen games 🚀

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  1. It takes two is the best splitscreen game on earth.

  2. his language sounds like a kid the has braces and after a choking hazard

  3. The fact borderlands 2 isn't on this list is a CRIME!!

  4. Jak to słysze to mnie skręca, for egzampel😂

  5. A way out has the most shocking and disappointing ending

  6. Normal people: all u have to do is escape prison

    People who know: ………😢😢😢

  7. When a polish person tries to make a video in english it’s most of the times ale but this guy made it worse then everyone else 💀

  8. Best split screen game all of time is Football game🤣

  9. Some call of duty games have no split screen option

  10. Why need for speed don't have split screen?

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