About Hypernatural Games

Hypernatural Games is a small Indie Games Studio located at Buenos Aires, Argentina. It focuses on games mainly for mobile, but also has plans to develop for PC.
In addition, the Studio creates assets that can be found at the Unity Asset Store.

About Developer

AGDev is a Unity and C# Developer, but mostly he started as a musician about 20 years ago. Beyond his passion for creating games, he also began to learn how to create graphics in order to create his own assets and bring them to the public.

AGDev - Founder and Developer

Games & Assets

Voxel City

Voxel City is a set of assets for Unity Engine made in voxels that can be used to build up a city. It contains a wide range of streets, buildings, cars and trucks and some other assets.

Additionally it has a train containing a movement script that can go all over the city, cross streets an have its train stations. It also contains a script that detects when the train is near a crossing street, making barriers to go down and up again after the train goes away.

This package is also meant to be used for mobile development, since prefabs were optimized by reducing the amount of polygons.

What do you get

The package contains

  • 12 Buildings
  • 10 Vehicles
  • 44 Roads Types
  • 11 Accessories for Streets
  • 3 Scripts
  • 1 Demo City


Not so long ago, strange events alerted all governments of the world, and especially The Vatican. Things that could not be explained by science began to be noticed and they had to be hidden to avoid a worldwide panic.

Everything that militar forces cannot deal with, a Clericy will have to.

Fight the creatures of the night as a Priest trained by the militia. Become a deadly hunter learning divine powers to defeat the unknown.

Clericy is a game that is still in developement but you can download it from the Google Play Store. Please check the following link:

Get it on Google Play

Clericy Mobile Game Progress



What is planned

  • 10 levels with story in between
  • Many special powers used to defeat foes
  • Special bosses
  • Original music composed for this game
  • Spanish and English languages available


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